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Frizzy Reader - Greywalker

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have been reading quite a bit lately. I added the Weread application last year. It has been fun watching my reading progress as fast as my crocheting. Or as slow.....

I will from time to time write a review of the books that I have read.

My mini review of Greywalker
I was first introduced to Harper Blaine in the book Mean Streets. The novella was called The Third Death Of The Little Clay Dog. I found Harper to be a serious detective. I was curious about her but I took my time to read the first novel of her series.

I had been beginning to think that most female paranormal or fantasy heroines were oversexed. Harper Blaine’s tale was refreshingly tangle free of romance threads. She seemed older mature and focused on her occupation. I liked being led around just as Harper through the Seattle as she got to the bottom of her mystery.

The writing style was a bit confusing for me. According to the book jacket it was published in 2006 but the setting was clearly earlier than that. Unless, it was set in an alternative universe….The pacing was awkward and the transitions not clear. The author uses dialogue to move the story making the characters seem flat and uninteresting.
The novella in Mean Streets is a much better written story. I will continue to read the Greywalker series knowing that the writing gets better and the characters more interesting.

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