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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Movies today are a sad lot
There are some major types of movies that i have seen the past few years
1. An filmscreen version of a mediocre 70s TV show
2. Remake of another movie using 21st Century technology or the latest set of beautiful people
3. Pretentious Film interpretation of a comic book hero or best selling book
4. Heavily merchandised children's character that will be adapted into a cartoon or children’s show two more years.
5. Popcorn movies that make absolutely no sense but are nonetheless entertaining
6. Another freaking sequel that is completely unoriginal and not worth the price of dinner
7. A movie with some deeper meaning to it that you never quite get until you see it at home
8. A movie about penguins

I want to see a real female action hero movie. I loved Catwoman. I refer to it "A Woman Vexed." Just think, her man was sleeping with all of her friends, she had just won an Oscar and Revlon was giving her the blues. Anyway, everyone wants to argue the plot points with me.
Point One - It is Plot is Stupid
Spoiler ~ it is about a beautiful woman played by Sharon Stone that wants to launch a beauty cream that will disfigure anyone who STOPS using it. For that reason, my friends told me the movie was the worst movie of the year.
A product that you can't live without....... Sounds like razors for women. A disposable razor company wanted to double its profits so it starts advertising to women in the 1930s. Now women think that it is unhygienic not to shave and we need shaving cream and shaving moisturizers to relieve the stinging caused by raking a sharp metal file across our skin. BTW It is unhygienic not to wash your nasty ass.
Or straightening relaxers for black women. Can't go without one or your natural curly hair will start to show. Black woman spend up to $80 and 4 hours in the salon every 4 weeks to get the relaxer (the main ingredient of relaxers - is lye a chemical that can burn your skin), $40 on daily hair care products for grooming, and heating implements that will scald the skin in order to style the hair. Sounds like a product that can disfigure you to me.

Okay, so you may not be disfigured but manufacturers have to create a problem that their product will address. Hence, a beauty cream you cannot live without. Like douches and female suppositories. My health teacher taught me that our body scents were from hormones designed to attract the opposite sex but apparently I should be talking to my mother about feminine odor.

Second point - It The Conflict is Stupid
A stupid movie that has the hero in an unintelligible conflict with the antihero. Hmmmm. Have you watched a James Bond movie?
So, if you can’t tell, I loved Catwoman.

Back to movies in general
BO results are stupid. Each year movie theater chains raise prices and open more theaters. Each year, some stupid overly hyped movie breaks some stupid BO record. Of course it did. It is simple algebra.

Then there are the movies that I don’t get. Like Existential Movies

I Heart Huckabees - Defining and Connecting In the Universe

I tried watching this movie with my roommate. Someone told jupitergirl888 that she would like it. She and I sat down one lazy evening to watch this recommended movie. About 20 minutes into the movie I heard her saying, “take it out of the machine, please. Just take it out!” I had been searching the Internet for some sort of clue as to what this movie was trying to teach us. Any explanation at all. I searched blog entries and movie reviews. I felt like there was an inside joke that everyone knew but us. While JupiterGirl888 was content in not knowing the punchline and erasing the entire event from the dvd player I wanted to know “What Was the Joke?”

Find John Malkovich – Who Are We Really When We Are Being Someone Else?

I sat through this movie with 15 minutes of clarity at a time. It was as if I was underwater and I was sharing an oxygen tank with someone else. Each time I turned away from the screen everything was clear and I could breathe again. Then I start watching it and the confusion, the air bubbles, and panic sets in all over again.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – This Sounds Familiar, No Wait Its in Reverse.
Once again, someone suggested that jupitergirl888 and I would like this movie.
I started watching it after about 30 minutes jupitergirl888 disappeared. SHE LEFT ME … that jerk, to watch the movie by myself. I let the cat watch it while I ate some dinner. If I watch that movie again, I will walk backwards towards the tv screen.

I did like some weird movies
Groundhog Day – Don’t Live Life Unconscious
Hilarious. This guy walks though life as if it is only populated by him and things that either entertain him, irritate him, or hurt him - each of which he is trying to avoid.

Flirting with Disaster - Are We More than Our Parents?
You just have to watch it

Hitchikers Guide to the Universe – Answers the Question “Why Are We Here?”
I was watching this movie in the top rows of a 500 seat theater. I could hear people laughing from the front. I was determined to figure out what the “joke” was. So, I bought the book. It is hilarious.

Movies that I would like to see

1. An action-hero movie based on The Tick television show. Or if for no other reason (I wouldn’t mind watching it on Oxygen Channel) a movie about Captain Liberty or American Maid but make her black

2. An updated version of The Last Starfighter
With new CGI, i cant wait!

3. A film adaptation of the Spellsinger series by Allen Dean Foster

4. A children’s series of movies based on Johnny Quest with watches sold at Burger King and a corresponding XBOX 360 game that is released simultaneously with the movie.

5. An action movie about terrorists who fix the presidential election, take a harmless thing like the color wheel and use it to instill fear and hysteria and finally confuse the masses by suggesting that the democracy will crumble if gays are allowed to marry and if we stop saying Merry Christmas to our non-Christian cousins.

6. A sequel to Mystery Men

7. An existential comedy about ushers working in a suburban movie theater.


Monday, December 19, 2005

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Dear Santa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Thursday I helped see the light (8 points). In April I put gum in 's hair (-12 points). Last Saturday I gave a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In July I gave a kidney (1000 points). In August and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points).

Overall, I've been nice (1057 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

What the Men-Things Say

Being single with no kids after the age of 30 is the hardest state in the world. I get the strangest comments/questions. The lines that men use are best reserved for someone who is aged 23 or younger.
I have listed a few here for you. I heard some of these at my Cousin's Annual XMas party this saturday.

You Are So Sexy. - I know that.
Hey, Come Here. - I am over here, negro. come to me if you want me.
Why Don’t You Have Any Kids? - I don't have kids. (i just keep repeating that)
Don’t You Want To Have Kids? - I don't have kids. (i just keep repeating that)
Can You Have Kids? -I don't have kids. (i just keep repeating that)
I Just Got Out of A Commitment. -Did I Ask You That?
I Want You To Be My Baby Mama! -Impossible
I Want To Give You Everything You Desire? -Impossible
I Love Your Hair, Can I Touch It? -Can You Buy Me a Drink?
Are You Creative? – That was one of the more creative lines I have ever heard.
I Like That You Have Curls In Your Hair. - I Know That Was About My Type Of Hair. I Hate Breeders. Men who review your gene pool when they meet you.
We Could Have Pretty Babies. -Stupid Breeders
Don’t You Find Me Attractive?- Where did that come from?
I Have Never Had To Approach A Woman, They Have Always Come On To Me. -You Must Find That Flaterring.
Can I Come Over Your House? -Can you buy me a drink?
Why, Not? -Do you see my empty glass? (Just A Standard Response To Any “No” You Might Give)
Tell Me, is That Guy Over There Staring at Me? -Homophobic guys have the best pickup lines.
Do you smoke? - (Weed) Actually, i like working for a living.

Guys In Clubs::
I Know You Think I Am Fine? –What is more important is that You Think You Are Fine.
Where Is Your Man? -Buying my drinks.
I Make 80k A Year. - Do you have a 401K?
You Got To Have A Man As Fine As You Are. - (This one gets a weak smile)
Why Aren’t You Married? - Are you married?
Lemme Ask You Something. - (Followed By A Retarded Question Like, “How Tall Are You?”)
I Am Ten Inches; You Should Take Me To Dinner. - I am not touching that.
We Should Go Out Before My License Is Suspended. _ Then What?
My Car Is Out Of Commission Can You Swoop Me Up?- NO
Are You Interested In Making More Money? – NO (no pyramid money making adventures for me. This is so annoying, a handsome man trying to get $59.99 out of me)

Guys At Discount Stores::
Don’t I Know You? - This one gets no response.
Didn’t You Work At The Mcdonald’s On Market St? - Seriously, someone insisted that he knew me from McDonalds and followed me around the store.

Guy At The Auto Service Center::
I Know Your Sister - (My Sister Never Lived In That City)

Guys At Home Improvement Stores::
Did Your Husband Send You To Buy Something? - This one takes a lot of nerve but it is funny as H##.
You Should Let Me Install That For You. - I have a Handyman, a father, a male co-worker and Corey.
Do You Need Some Help? - Do you work here? Are you gonna pay for it?

Internet Men::
Can We Meet Again Sometime, I Really Wanna Know You? - Slow down
What Do You Like In A Man? - Do you have a job?
Do You Like Older/Younger Men? - Do you have a job?
Do You Like White Men? - Do you have a job?
Do You Want To Watch Me Masturbate? - Do you have a job?
I Love Your Hair. - No response.
You Are So Sexy. - No response.

If it weren't so funny it would be pitiful. I hate being single. It is so irritating.
I never understand why men in urban clubs will talk your ear off but not offer to buy you a drink. Men in regular clubs will offer before the conversation gets started.

Men should give you their phone numbers on the back of their business cards rather than slips of paper. If so, then they have just passed test number one.

I have a simple test for men. The test is based on the number of keys that you have in your pocket.
1 - House Key
2 - Car Key
3 - Office Key
The next test is to randomly say, "401K." If he says, "hunh" move on. After that it is smooth sailing.

Fifth Grade Talent Shows

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I attended a poetry reading
I think that it is called Performance Poetry
It was non-competitive and non-censored. Maybe that should be re-considered. I was only moderately entertained. But i am not sure that i was supposed to be. Perhaps, the metaphors, the rhythmic mode of the speakers’ voice, the crescendo of the stanzas or the emotion of the poet is beyond my simple appreciation. Or my ability to care while sober and without a clove-induced buzz.
Some of the poetry was rather delightful. More reminded me of a fifth grade talent show.
Sometimes, I wonder what people are thinking when they share their poetry. Is it like having a pathology that compels you to crave attention and performance poetry is the only legitimate outlet for manipulating that attention? Is it like being uber-sexual and wanting everyone within the sound of your voice to have an orgasm or at least squirm in their seats?

I am sure that it does not matter. I was more annoyed at paying $10.00 at the door, regular price for accurately poured drinks, and constantly hearing the dj remind the audience to be quiet. Perhaps, they were discussing the price of admission and the quality of drinks (a 500% jump from the previous poetry reading night).Last saturday, i thought i could listen to some R&B, some performance art and have a drink.
I am always uneasy when people read their poetry. I have several books of poetry on my bookshelf. Imagine my surprise while during a funeral I heard one of my favorite poems read as if it were original. I was appalled and mortified that someone would use this opportunity to express themselves.
Once when i was asked to provide a speech at a scholarship reception, i used a poem to relay my thoughts about the opportunities the scholarship had provided to me. I figure poetry is nice in some instance.
In honor of those men and women who put thought to paper and, their feelings to poetry and who ruined or assisted my buzz, I have written SEVERAL poems for you.
I have used capital letters where the emphasis should be. Spaces are pauses.

My Father's Gift

Hay does not NOURISH me
This FEVER will not SUBSIDE
I am one of FIVE Americans
Who need MEDS to survive

It’s NOT a forever cold
My sneeze is NOT contagious
I am NOT a freak
But my MUCOUS lasts for ages

Years of shots, PILLS and drops
To control my eternal rhinitis
My father’s gift,theses allergies
And every six MONTHS there’s sinusitis

Poem 2: My Sneeze

My suffering My RASH
My sneeze
My snot, my HIVES
My sneeze
My eyes, my TEARS
My sneeze

Poem 3: A Bitch, the Itch
My antihistamines
My Itch
My sudephrine
My itch
My decongestants
My itch
My allergy’s
A bitch

Poem 4: You Suck
The trees, the grass
The pollen sucks
The mold, the mildew
The spores suck
The perfumes, the oils
The smell sucks
And finally
Your handsantizers
Make You suck

Just Lazy

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The Accidental Abstinence
According to an internet dictionary, Accidental means: "happening without intent or through carelessness and often with unfortunate results."
That would describe my state of abstinence. Although, it does seem strange to imply that it was careless inaction that has led me to this place. Really, I am just lazy. Or maybe it is because I don’t kiss. Okay, i really think that it started with an undiagnosed slow thyroid problem. Now that i am healthy, i have healthy urges. I just ignore them.
I know that some individuals abstain from sex for complex reasons such as religion or morality; for others is it simply a lifestyle choice. I don’t dislike sex, I am just lazy. Incredibly lazy. I haven’t had sex for more than three years. I haven’t had good sex in more than four. In the past ten years, I have probably had sex seven times. I am not even averaging once a year. So really, what is the point?

You know those people who don’t drive? They waited so long to get a license or a car that they have a serious fear of getting into an accident. That is me. I have a serious fear of bad sex. Imagine breaking a fast and your first meal was spoiled. Cruelty.
Someone told me once, that it was unnatural to not have had sex in so long. She suggested that i need to talk to someone about it. How do you respond to a comment like that? What exactly was she suggesting? Or who?
I know that sex is perfectly natural, just haven’t fallen on anyone’s dick lately. Not really seeing it happen anytime soon, either.
I wouldn’t call it a choice. I would call it unintentional consequence of being an educated, employed, homeowner that would rather watch a porno than bother with bad sex, a loser boyfriend or the wet spot.


Monday, October 31, 2005

I have a blog on Yahoo! 360. I write about my house adventures. This weekend i was confronted by an angry person. I had written approximately three lines about him in a blog entry titled, "Disappearing Acts." The nerve of some people. i didn't mention his name just enough anecdotal information to illustrate just one more example of contractors whom I have hired and who disappeared before the work was completed. A friend told him about the blog entry.
If i can't make my blog entries under a pseudonym and anonymously reference people that i actually know in it then what is the point?

Now i want everyone to know that Steve Griffin is the subject of February:


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

By 1999 I had a degree in sociology with a minor in pan-African studies and degree in community counseling. I was working with grades 7-12 in programs for students whose parents lived below the poverty line or had not completed college. To save money, I was shared between two programs. I had two directors with completely different management styles. It sucked.
The job and the setting while satisfying for some proved to kill my creativity, my energy, my professional growth and my satisfaction with the working world. While it is the American way to encourage everyone to go to college, for some - college just was the wrong choice. It was like lying. My directors seemed to be oblivious to the hard reality that many of our students were being harmed by the indoctrination. I could go on and on about that job, why I despised my bosses and my life in that city. I hated it. Often I would say, “This Sucks Cabbage!”
That year, my father’s aunt developed cancer. I went to visit her in Chicago. Great Aunts are like grandmothers to grandmotherless children. I adored her. Her stories of my grandmother encouraged me. I did everything as they had done. While visiting her, as the cancer was eating away her bones, my cousins took me to see the Matrix.
After I returned home and she subsequently died, I had an epiphany. What if… none of this is real. What if…we make all of this up in our minds? And someone is taking some kind of sick joy out of the suffering we cause for ourselves. What if we chose to exist like this? What if I am choosing to be unhappy? If all of that is true- then why I am working at this job?
The Matrix changed my life. I decided that if none of this is real, then I will choose red. When i get worried or upset I just have to remind myself of just how much better my life is than it was before I saw the Matrix.
BTW I am not Matrix fanatic. As a matter of fact, I hated the sequels. Just awful. I have chosen to block the memory of them from my mind.

Now i would like to suggest that Samuel L. Jackson watch the Matrix.
His lastest movies have really Sucked Cabbage
The Man???? Seriously??
SWAT??? If he is in charge why does he look at that loser Colin for answers?
And the most recent- A thriller about snakes being set loose on an airplane? where are the air marshalls?
What is he thinking? Does he have child-support to pay?

Life, Love, Hair and Work

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hair and

The subtitles of my life. What should be written after the colon.
Risnfall: Life, Love, Hair and Work
There isn't much more than that.

Blog Anniversary

I have been doing this since before October 2005 The original blog is lost forever, thanks Yahoo!

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