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Man charged after shop set alight

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yes, "Man charged after shop set alight" was a subject in my SPAM folder. In the body was a link to purchase viagra.
I frequent this deli because it is close to my house en route from work and for this poster by the entrance.
Gyro Fail
I finally snapped a picture and I can't stop giggling over it.So, I submitted it to failblog.
By entering the deli I am clearly doing what the owners do not want me to do.
What a nice yet incoherent way to say "GTFO."

Set Love Mode On

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Growing Wild

A few years ago my neighbor Lydia planted a concord grape vine.
She found the vine in the "last chance" section of the gardening department. She never picked the grapes allowing them to remain on the vine and provide food for the birds over the winter.
She really did not expect the vine to live past the first summer. In fact the next Spring, her neighbor cut the vine in preparation for a new family of rentors.
This is the vine now.

In case you are curious, I snapped those pictures from behind my garage and from my driveway.
Below is the diagram of our houses. You see where the vine was planted and how it creeped onto the power lines and is creeping toward my house and Leeza's (VanDam) house.

I finally asked Lydia "What is going on with that grape vine?"

She had no idea that the vine covered the power lines leading to my home. She thought that it had died years ago. I am so tickled by this vine that I have been telling everyone about it. I have called other neighbors into the backyard to see it. I have picked the grapes. They are quite tasty. I have a canopy between the garage and the back neighbors mulberry trees. (Those trees are their own nuisance.)
This week, I called the electric company and took great delight in describing the shrubbery that covers the power lines and everything else behind my garage. They promised to send someone out to remove the vine.Lydia is so embarrassed but to me the 'vine gone wild' is just another summer on my block, this time reminiscent of one of my favorite sci-fi moves.
With that being said let me show you the out of control zucchinis I have growing in the yard.

This is the fourth one that reached this size this summer. I simply cannot keep up with them.

zucchini And I have lost the war with the groundhog. These pictures document  what remains of the cabbages despite my attempts to thwart the ground hog

Apparently my garden = his grazing station. He ate all of the first cabbage and started on the bottom one. All of the red and green peppers were gone. He nibbled them from the bottom up. Sadly, I will have to pay someone to dig up area around my house since the horrible creature made tunnels under the house and along the driveway. 
Today, a friend shared with me that Juicy Fruit gum gets rid of groundhogs. Next Year. I will be prepared.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Adventures in Felting

I crocheted a quiver out of Ella Rae. I added the drink mix to intensify the color. Just ignore the wine bottle opener. And the crackers. Hic.
I used a smaller sized Pringles can and a button. There was no pattern. I just eyed it.I placed modeling clay in it to provide a soft base in which to stick knitting needles or crochet hooks. Under the modeling clay is fiber fluff. The fluff gives the clay bottom some give. A little bouncy, too. I made the quiver for a swap. Following the theme "Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness" A fleeing crafter will find the quiver a perfect carrier. The clay insures that the tools inside the container will not bounce around. No alerting the zombie scum. The strap has a button for easy attachment onto a belt loop. Overall, I think that it is the product of my best imagination.

The felted purse for the little girl has been completed and felted. 

Kalie will be her moniker for the blog. Let's hope that I can remember that. It really does bother me when I want to reference someone in the blog and cannot remember the nickname I had created for the person for previous blog entries. My neighbor Leeza VanDamme has asked me numerous times to use her real name. I will not. Sometimes when strange things happen in our neighborhood she remarks, "I can't wait to see that on your blog." I have mixed feelings on that. I don't really want weird stuff to happen on our block so that I can write about it in the blog. I want the weird stuff to stop.
Here is Kalie with the completed project. I finished the purse while visiting my sister to attend her older daughter's graduation. I gave my sister the instructions to felt the purse for Kalie. I am impressed. My sister did a great job.
Little girls must fill their purses up with junk.Kalie is no different.

And this is how it looked before felting. 

That is her older sister drinking from the cup.
I really hope that I have not set my self up to be Kalie's little purse maker.

You deserved to have 8" peen

Friday, August 5, 2011

Some of you know my deepest concerns about being prepared for disasters.
My instinct tells me to be ready.

I have numerous thoughts that keep me forever diligent. My mind races with options and scenarios.
I keep in my head puzzles that keeps me on the lookout for resources, skills that I can acquire, and people I need to know in order to solve eventual issues.
What would I take with me? What would I leave behind. I have been avoiding attachments to large items that I can't carry.

I consider keeping my keys in my car, in order to have access to them in an emergency.
I don't let my can goods supply become to low.
Calm bodies of water frighten me.
I exercise to build my endurance and strength.
I drink my tea unsweetened and am learning to appreciate other foods without the extras.
I have a pair of running shoes in my bedroom, the basement, the car and at work.

I have phone chargers in the same locations.
I buy tons of candles and incense.
I keep my credit card balances low.
I check in with my family members often. I keep a list of my closest friends updated and edited. I consider who has the same blood type as me? Who would donate an organ for me? I have to know all of these things and more.
I thought I had a pretty good understanding of being prepared for disaster.

Yes, I am talking about the Zombie Apocalypse. That is what you were thinking,correct?
I took this survey and learned that I am no where near ready.

Zombie Survival Quiz -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

My Result: Pretty likely to survive
-= click to take @ =-

I was surprised. I needed to conduct some practice drills.
When a new book hit the library Will you Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
I picked it up. As a pick-your-own-adventure book, I felt that I would be successful and survive most scenarios.

funny graphs - Know Your Movie Zombie Danger Levels
see more Funny Graphs

I mostly did not.
I really thought that I had a chance. I picked the Hell's Angel zombie clean-up crew and died. I followed my old high school girl friend to her house and died. One time, following my instincts I trusted the military. Another time following other instincts, I did not. Heck, I stole a police car which is completely not in my me.
I hung out with a pothead and well, I didn't die but I didn't care either.
Although my character was a male, my female instincts took over when I chose to save a child. A few pages latter we both were eaten alive.

The adventures take place in the Big Apple. I chose scenarios where I got to visit all the famous places. Madison Gardens, the subway system, Central Park, One spoiler, NEVER head to the Statue of Liberty during a zombie outbreak.Think about it. Why, would you?
Many endings had my character brainless and masticated.
So much for my zombie survival instincts.
funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs

I must consider what would I really do when the zombies break free of our imaginations and begin chopping on our brains.
I think human instinct would lead me to want to be with other non-infected people in a safe group. I think I should probably ignore those instincts and head for a cave near Lake Erie with packets of seeds and some gardening equipment.

What about you?

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