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Gil Scott-Heron

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fourteen Reasons Gil Scott-Heron Was Cool | CHARTattack

Feel yourself like Casanova!...

It is 1 am.
A major thunderstorm has just passed.
All the windows are open to catch the cool breeze.
Suddenly you hear

Get Back MotherFucka You Don't Know me Like that
It kept playing that one line over and over again as if the listener just wanted to hear that statement.

This is the clean version of the song.....
I didn't get that clean version.
I look out the window
I see My Neighbor ACROSS THE STREET dancing in his garage.
His back yard is completely lit up.
And he is dancing
He played this song for at least a hour. I closed my windows after 45 minutes and inserted my earplugs.
On the plus side I am learning new tricks with my camera. I will catch him next time.

Then there are the neighbors on their cellphone

Sitting on their porches. Across the street. Speaking so loud that I have to close the windows on my own porch to avoid listening to them. ....Or just putting my knitting down so that I can pay closer attention. Which is what I plan to do and did last week.
Seriously. People get really upset over things posted on Facebook. Fortunately, I was not the receiver of the verbal lashing my neighbor hollered into the tiny phone.
So upset that even while talking on the phone she rolls her head, shakes her finger in the face of an imaginary person.It was quite comical. And very distracting.

Telephone, n.  An invention of the devil which abrogates some of the advantages of making a disagreeable person keep his distance.  ~Ambrose Bierce

I live on a normal block of homeowners with small children two blocks from the elementary school. I am also surrounded by stop and robs. Little corner stores that sell alcohol and the stupid cigars. 
There are two bars within 3 blocks as well as an ice cream shop, a barber shop and a small grocer.
It could be worse. It could be better. I like it for the adventure.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I opened by medicine cabinet the other day and saw this.

I have a collection of floss given to me by the dental hygienist every six months.

I am thinking I should just admit laziness and refuse the small packets.
This picture represents 3 years.

The truth is that I use the Reach Flosser since the hygienist gave it to me two years ago. 
I pick up the refills from grocer stores. They work for me. Floss does not. I simply do not enjoy putting my fingers in my mouth.
I know where they have been.
I use the flosser about once a month.

I am making little progress on the felted purse I am making for my niece.

I had this KnitPicks Andes Wool yarn in my stash.  I am not sure that I like the way the shaping has developed. I only have one more skein of the hot pink remaining. I will probably need more.  Sigh. She needs a new purse since the Easter Basket I made for her broke due to her misapplication of its purpose as a purse. Little girls want purses like their mommas, I guess.

Disappointments aside, I have a new toy.
It is a 40 pair shoe organizer.
Isn't it lovely?
Less shoes all over the floor of the closet and my bedroom.
It is coincidence that I would get this when I have pledged to purchase no new shoes until I pay off the Capital One card. It just means that all the shoes will fit. The new toy has convinced me to look at shoes that need to be donated, trashed or fixed.  I have the coolest pair of 4 inch mules made out of jean fabric.
I wear heels less often due to the introduction of a bunion.
My sister laughed when I called to tell her about it. I told her to keep living.
Time will tell... Our great grandmother had them. Our grandfather and his siblings have them. Our mother has them.
Time and genetics are on my side. I can wait her out. I think I will send her a care package for her 36th birthday with a night time bunion splint.

I saw a podiatrist who suggested that I take a new look at my running shoes since I noticed the pain in my toe after I started jogging on the mini-tramp. I switched to a different style of shoe and I don't have as much pain or discomfort. I also found inserts for my older shoes. A friend suggested that I begin wearing a pair to the office or where ever I am headed and then changing to the heels. I have to admit I have less annoyance when wearing running shoes for the 5 minute walk from my car to the basement office.
So I am adjusting and I can still wear heels when I desire them and a place to store them.

The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson) 
Probably from bunion pain....

Business Greetings

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Day,

I am writing to solicit your sponsorship of a business deal worth £7,700,000.00 Pounds Sterling belonging to a late customer of my firm; that made an open-ended investments with us. Coincidentally this customer shares a common last name with you and i will need you to come forward to claim this invested; sum, since there is no one coming for its claims since the investment period elapsed over a year ago. I will furnish you with the full details of how we can realise; this deal itch free when you get back to me. Please only get back to me if you are interested in the deal and capable of financing its realisation. You can get back to; me if you are interested on this email address:

Do these work anymore?

Ahhh. Spam. You are so predictable.

And I have purchased my first flower purchases for the year.
 And the poor Gerber Daisy that was destroyed a few days after planting by some of the neighborhood kids playing Hide and Seek.

And the vegetables. I am planting
  • zucchini
  • collard
  • turnip
  • radish
  • roma tomato
  • early girl tomato
  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • carrots
  • cabbage
Wish me luck

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I spent my Mothers Day
Me, Mom and my little sister circa 1983. It must have been Winter judging by our attire although that Olan Mills background implies Springtime. I loved that dress.

 As you can see my little sister is now the taller sister. Isn't if funny that she is now wearing purple and I am in the red dress? Our older sister is in the center. She is the shortest.
 Little Sister towers over me. In this picture is my aunt and my grandmother. My mom lives in another state. Fortunately I have some great aunts! We attended a fashion show with some outrageous fashions. Grammie, bless her heart declared at one point, "that man is queer." Well, I do believe that one of the models was fabulous I will refrain making any statements about his actual lifestyle.

Blood Won't Leave Willie

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The latest flowers

 I am excited that the clematis is winding around the staff.
The rhubarb is huge.

Need a little blue pecker-upper?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

At this point, some of these Spam subject headings bore me. The titles should get more interesting as the Summer approaches. I hope.
Take a look at a video of Halle cat trying to get her ball.

She took a break, played with the ball of catnip then she became more serious about getting her ball out of the trap. I should probably stop putting it in there.

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