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Creepy and Crawly

Monday, July 16, 2007

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Do you see the worms around the spigot!
When I contacted Saftey and Health, I was laughed at until i brought one to their office. Now they seem more interested in determining the genus of the organism simply removing the fountain.
Silly me for contacting Safety and Health! They are scientists.
When I called the Custodians they thought I was complaining about warm water coming from the spigot and not WORMS coming from the spigot. I guess she thought is was some ignorant person that dropped nouns.
Every week there is a least one worm swimming in the faucet.
Perhaps, it is an invasion.

My Way is to the Left

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I use my mouse on the left hand side. No, not a left-handed mouse. But a regular mouse on the left hand side of my keyboard.

You would think that I was wearing my socks on the outside of my shoes. Or using a spoon to cut a steak with the reactions I get from people.

I know keystrokes to common functions and use those actions rather than click with my mouse. Or I click it with my right hand.

Simply moving my mouse to the left has made all the difference in the world.

I can click will I write notes down.

I can click while I do some data entry using the right sided keypad. (But my next goal is to teach my left hand to be proficient at the keypad so that I can use my right hand to tick off lines as I go).

I can click will I hold the telephone receiver.

I can click while I wave goodbye to my co-worker.

I love it.

But people keep trying to change me. I had to ban one of my students from ever using my computer because he always rearranged my desktop. Isn’t that the rudest thing?

I have chastised many other students for moving my mouse. Why is this so peculiar?????

Everyone seems to be interested in whether or not I am left handed.

I tried left handed steak cutting. It did not go very well. I decided to stay with right handed cutting and eating left-handedly with my fork. Left-handed people always assume that I am left handed when I do this. I get the most enthusiastic inquiries from dinner guests when I feed myself with my left hand. Actually, I think that putting down my knife to pick up my fork is a waste of time. In the same way as letting go of my mouse in order to jot a note down.

I am trying to get things done.

I have tried doing mini-exercises during commercial breaks. Luckily I live alone or at least my roomie is downstairs and doesn’t see me when I am doing this. I might do a few lunges, or some squats, maybe throw in some sit-ups.

Okay seriously I don’t really do all of those things. But I had a roommate last year for a month that would march in place for 30 minutes after every meal. ….. She was thin and fit. Maybe I should try it.

Well I will be darned if there isn't a website for everything,5778,s-5-87-1-279-1-P,00.html

At any rate, this weight gain has allowed me to appreciate the whole standing while peeing thing that men can do. I really do not enjoy my tummy sitting on my lap……..

Well anyway. Not much interesting happened last week. Except that I turned 36 on Sunday.

Perhaps, this week I can write two entries.

Push the Button

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Yet another picture taken with my camera phone. It made me stop and stare at it.
There is this HUGE button that says " Push for Help" and next to it lower and on the right is a sign that tells me to push it in both regular text and in braille. Why doesn't the box with the button have the braille text?
Why so many notices for one button?
I seriously wanted to push the 3 inch button just to see what happened.

Compost Bin

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

You never know how crazy your neighbors are or why people like to congregate in front of your yard until a holiday. First, my yard. I had never really looked down my street but now it is obvious that i do not have a tree in my front yard and neither does my neighbor across the street. We are located in the middle of the block and our lots make a small clearing among the trees. Perfect for fireworks. Too perfect, because they were lighting fireworks until Midnight. There was a mess of crap everywhere.

I am dead tired today. No, it is not that the fireworks kept me up. It was the outdoor party that followed it. All night. Well past 2 am. Not that I don't like my neighbors or that I want them to move. I had a bad night that occurred unfortunately the same night as their after hours (in the front lawn) party.

On the other hand, I did learn a lot about one of my neighbors and why the family has had so much (loud & drunk) company lately. She lost her grandmother recently and is still in mourning. The funeral opened a lot of wounds about her childhood- as most major life events tend to do.... I can't make her stop and deal with the pain but I am glad that the Fourth is over.

I am also happy about the Fourth being over because there are no more firecrackers to sweep off of my lawn. The cats are running all over the house every time a firecracker pops. And no more idiotic $.15 messages wishing me a Happy Fourth. I knew that it was the Fourth because I had the day off of work, my neighbors hung all of there flags out, everyone barbecued and there were fireworks displays.

In other news, I had only three volunteer tomato plants this year in my garden. I big difference from the 200 or so that I had last year. Funny thing. I threw all of the rotten tomatoes into the compost bin last year. You know where this is going right.......?

That is right. I have a buttload of volunteer tomato plants growing in my compost bin. And guess what..... It is a common problem. I googled it on day and found several links about what to do with the plants. Most people do not want to kill them. Some think that they will grow puny tomatoes or carry disease. I just think that the whole thing is funny. I have given a couple away with a disclaimer and turned over the rest.

I have tomato plants in my compost bin and fireworks debris in my lawn. I have slugs and buried cups of beer in my garden. I hide from the little neighborhood girls that like to talk to me when I water my lawn and enjoy drinking rum with my neighbor. I miss my housemate all the time and soon my old roommate will be moving out of state. I will miss her, too. I am still receiving phone calls from Imakronicliar about his clothing.

I guess with everything there is something else, too.

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