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Friday, February 25, 2011

If any of you work in an office setting with a break room you are probably have some great times. One just needs to follow Passive Agressive in order to share in the bedlam that is the Office Break Room.
From today's post. The use of the box to reserve "space" is genius. And utilizes out of the box thinking.

I am writing today about the office microwave. That device that cause more unexpressed anger than any other.
More posts from Passive Aggressive.Com. Seriously, why is cleaning the microwave so difficult?

When we moved locations and gained a break room, we placed the microwave in it. Previously, the microwave sat in Jibjab's office. He could watch if the microwave was left messy or stop someone from warming up smelly foods.He felt this was fair since he had purchased it.
Well now, since the microwave has no bodyguard, I have found myself cleaning it all the time. All the time. Nasty, nasty stuff. Finally, I started checking on it every few hours. It took a few weeks but I discovered the identity of the microwave mess maker: Jibjab.
This led to intense discussions about the proper use of the microwave. Discussions where he threatened to take the microwave home because he had originally bought it.
I know. He bought it. It stayed clean when it was in his office. Now that it is out of his office, he doesn't seem to care if he leaves it a nasty mess.

Strange. I blame it on the gonads. So this is what the microwave looks like now after our truce.

I have been able to keep it clean and Jibjab has been covering his food lately. I think the part-time staff are afraid to use it. This is good. Fear me and my expressed microwave related rage.
The truce has taken months to accomplish.
I have had to nag him and chase him down to keep the microwave clean.

As you can see, near the microwave is a sink, a soap dispenser, and a towel dispenser. Conveniences that many a break room has.

The other day Jibjab says to me, "You know Frizzy, what we really need to do is stock the break room with saran wrap. If we had saran wrap we could cover our food with it and there would be no mess."
I am not making this up.
Saran Wrap.

He said we needed saran wrap in the break room to cover food in the microwave.
What is this 1985?
Who covers their food with saran wrap any more?
Of course, as soon as he made the suggestion to me I freaked out. I thought "oh no, he made another unapologetic mess in the microwave." It is amazing how angry I became. Not at him but at the idea that he would not just USE THE FREAKING PAPER TOWELS SITTING NEXT TO THE MICROWAVE TO COVER HIS FOOD AND CLEAN UP SPILLAGE.

He was not joking. His goal was not to get under my skin. This man was quite serious. And I am banging my head on my desk.

Now, what have I learned from this? That it is time for me to take a vacation.

Man's Charm is Hardness

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can't get enough of these subject headings from my SPAM folder. And neither will you. We are entering the final stretch of Winter's grasp. Just a few more weeks.

I have finally discovered one of the sources of my sleeping problems.

Each night, I find myself wide awake at 5:20 am. Every freaking day. 
My alarm sounds at 6:00 am. I thought that maybe, my body was attempting to slowly awaken. Why it did this, I did not know. I just wanted it to stop. Yet everyday, I blink my eyes open turn to the right and check just to be sure. And I see it.
Greeting me like a lover.
5:20 a.m. 
Each morning One could hear me exclaim, "DAMMIT, not again."

One would think that I would just get up and start my morning workout. One would be a fool.
morning workout  your doing it wrong.
I want all the sleep to which I am entitled. I sacrifice quite a bit by turning off my lamp and/or TV at 10 pm each night. I can't discuss any show that airs after 10 pm with my friends unless I catch it on Hulu.
Last year, all of my favorite shows aired during the adult time slot. This year, I have no favorite TV shows. Changing satellite companies took away the DVR in my bedroom. Sigh. I miss the DVR in my bedroom. I stopped frequenting the living room in order to reduce the possibility of moving my yarn stash and bags of WIPs into it and creating a living monster. Does the living room really need the only DVR?

Although the cat might like yarn all over the couches. It would add interest to the cat hair. Speaking of cats, I miss Fattie Cat. Sigh.

The neighbor's outdoor cat has his winter coat. With his black fur, he looks like a bowling ball. I will try to capture him on film. He is mostly tame. Cept when he shits in my garden or flower beds.Then he is a feral monster.

Mentioning the garden. I have been advised that I must start applying anti-slug measures. HOW? The snow still covers the ground. Does anyone know? This video didn't tell me anything...
Back to that which wakens me every morning at 5:20 A freaking M. This morning I solved the mystery.
Imagine this each morning. Yes. That. Horrible. Sound.
Someone running their car. Their noisy car. Since I don't have the energy or the inclination to look out the window into the dark morning and locate the offending vehicle and do whatever with the information, I will use the blog to express my feelings.

I hate you whoever you are. And I HATE your car, too.

A mighty shield in a war against acne occurrence

Friday, February 11, 2011

 This is what the autumn sedum looks like after a snowstorm.

 I like snow. It means that I don't have to look at the grassless lawn.

 Wow. The mound of snow covered the other trees. This is my campus.
So much for that blizzard last Wednesday. We had more snow fall on the Saturday, February 5, 2011.

In the second picture you can see that I tried to fool you. The snow was not that high but an excellent game of "King of the Mountain" could had been played by the college students.
I have been avoiding housework for the past two weeks. I am so tired at night, I just want to crawl into bed with a book. I need someone to come over and help me move all of my yarn from the bedroom to its new spot in the basement.
So much UpTheStairs and DownTheStairs. It is annoying.
Where is that particle beam transporter we were promised?

Give her extra emotions

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I received my Valentine's Day swap package today.

The damage that you see is not from International delivery. The package came from Winnipeg.

It seems that something nibbled on the package while it sat on my front stoop.

Do you see the hole? There were pieces of the package material all over the stoop.

I opened it to see what the critter clawed at.

The critter is a tea connoisseur. This is some of the most aromatic tea I have ever had. Vanilla oolong tea. I cannot wait to try some for breakfast tomorrow.  I can't imagine that the teas aroma surpassed the foil barrier of the tea package, the cardboard walls of the box and customs. But it did and the critter found it.
Yummy yarn is yummy.

I love it. The book, the bag of Crap, the hand made wash cloth, and the Canadian chocolate.
Thank you MissReb

Restore your Loving Spark

There I saw it. It is here!

The Red-Breasted Robin is the First Sign of Spring

There were dozens of birds on every tree that I walked past on my way to work. This gives me excitement. Despite all the snow. I mean ALL THE SNOW, I know that spring is around the corner. So of course, I pulled out the office camera and went searching .

What the Robin Told
The wind
told the grasses,
And the grasses
told the trees.
The trees
told the bushes,
And the bushes
told the bees.

The bees
told the robin,
And the robin
sang out clear:
Wake up!
Wake up!
Spring is here!

I spotted this little guy after I heard his song.

 Outside of the library the robins congregate.

Starred forget-me-nots smile sweetly, Ring, bluebells, ring! Winning eye and heart completely, Sing, robin, sing! All among the reeds and rushes, Where the brook its music hushes, Bright the caloposon blushes,__ Laugh, O murmuring Spring!
Sarah Foster Davis

Look at the robin on the far right. His chest is blazing red. He will have his pick of females tonight!


Seeing robins and blue jays and cardinals are the best part of Winter after the solstice.

I don't pay any attention to that silly groundhog.

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