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Parody from 1986

Friday, May 11, 2012

This week's theme for GBE2 is Parody
I have struggled with this topic while blowing my nose all week. This blogger Inkjot nose what I am talking about.
I do hate sinus infections but I get them all the time. The problem with having the condition so often means that I tend to act as if I can still do anything. I still remember the huge bruises of 2010 when I fell in the middle of the street because I just had to have chicken and broccoli with fried rice.Ahh, my 30s. When I thought I could overcome any infection.

That made me think about studying parody in HS and all those Weird Al videos that I used to love.
I finally remembered this hilarious parody from my teenage years.
It is kinda gross but I was 14 almost 15.  I have posted the original, as well.


Anonymous said...

I probably wasn't supposed to bop my way through these, but I'm cool like that. *nodding head in super-cool with the beat fashion*

The Frizzy Hooker said...

LOL they are fun songs

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Please drop by my blog and pick up your award I left for you there.

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