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Mystery Plant

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Three years ago, I bought a Shasta plant on sale.
I planted it in the backyard.
Last year what grew in that spot was devoured by the Sr. Groundhog.
This year it has come back.
I don't think it is a Shasta Daisy Plant

What is this?
I have no idea if it blooms because Sr. Groundhog at it all the way...
The stems are woody.
It is bushy.
It may not be getting the best light where it is located.
I refuse to touch the leaves until I know what it is.


My friends keep trying to convince me that it is a Chupacabra.


The Frizzy Hooker said...

Yeah. It was mislabeled at the store or I forgot. It is a Montauk Daisy. It should bloom very soon. the folks at Our Little Acre helped me to id it.

Hofacre HEN House Blogs said...

I have a lot of those growing in my garden. I wanted to wait and see what came up, but the HOA we live in said, they are weeds and have to go. But when I said what kind of weeds, they said, they are weeds and weeds have to go.

Valerie said...

I'm down in Lima visiting a friend this weekend and coincidentally, she has the same plant growing in her front flower bed. Hers didn't bloom this year either.

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