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If it is Not One Thing.....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I had some news. In the last two weeks I have met with two of my doctors.

First, my GP was alarmed at the amount of weight that I have gained since the last time I met with her. She sent me for a glucose test since diabetes runs in my family and I have been experiencing symptoms that led her to order the test. This week, I met with my sleep disorder specialist. He was equally alarmed at my wieght gain. He said that it is "highly unusual" for someone to gain weight while on the sleep therapy drug.

There goes those phrases that doctor's use -- those codes. I have been thinking about this phrase for several days. "Highly unusual" Me thinks that itnis code for 'something is seriously wrong.' Everyone else lost weight while taking this drug. Then he says that if I have pre-diabetes I must immediately come off the drug. I went to the Net for some insight. Found a few strings that discussed the relationship of certain sleep medications that cause diabetes, pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis. Of course.....

My Line Sister used to say all of the time. "If it is not One Thing it is Ten!

So you are probably wondering, well how much weight have you gained. Hmmm.... I started tracking my weight in April because I thought I was going crazy. I have gained 18 pounds from March 15 to June 15. More than twenty since last year when I started the medicine. The sleep doctor told me to lose weight. Like I haven't noticed....

Like I can reasonably fit my clothes or my SHOES. I mean seriously. Is he joking? Losing weight is always on my mind.

So, I call Steelcurtain, with whom I have been having friendly conversations lately and I asked him to help me lose weight. He told me to stop drinking. What the Dish Network Service....

Yes, I believe that having Dish Network Service is like living in Hell. A Hell where everything is my error. It could be that my phone line is outdated. So I have AT&T come out and upgrade the 1950 era lines. Or it could be that there is something wrong with the line.

So, I install a brand new line dedicated to the receiver. Or it could be that my DSL filter is not working.

So, I purchase new ones from Radio Shack and the salesperson suggests that nothing will make the Dish receiver work better.

Or (this is the best one yet - heard it last week) it could be that I picked up the phone after the Dish Receiver attempted to call the Dish system and heard the announcement that you hear when you call a bad number. You know... "check the number and try again..."

Now, have you EVER heard of a time where if the extension was picked up the phone connection was interrupted or otherwise not connected? Neither have I. But Dish Network has trained all of its Indian representatives to suggest that everything that could possibly or remotely be your fault, is the reason why the Dish receiver will not order PPV movies or anything else. AND you have to pay the $2 fee to order a PPV over the phone. And if you want a tech to come out and verify that the stupid foreign made receiver is INDEED calling the wrong number, YOU must pay $55.00. Because the warranty has elapsed. AND if it is broken, you must pay for the S&H fee to receive a new one. I HATE CALL CENTERS.

But I am off topic...And losing my vodka induced feelings of euphoria. I begged Steelcurtain to take the vodka and rum in my house. He refused -- actually suggested that I have willpower. As I draft this blog entry, completely blitzed on Vodka and Dr. Pepper.......

Not to mention the neighbor that works as a bartender and turned me onto this great rum with a hint of vanilla that is $10 cheaper than Captain Morgan (which I despise) and so smooth that I forgot what it is named..... I decided to scoff at his suggestion that I stop drinking... Perhaps, when the bottle is empty....... Besides a friend is turning 30 tomorrow. I wonder "What was he thinking."

Well, I am going to have to do a few things differently.

First, I joined this site. traineo

My Member name is Ibrizzy (I know, I forgot the "F") Since I have already been working out and watching what I eat - I am not sure what else can be done.


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