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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It seems that a few of my friends have left Yahoo! 360 because they felt that not enough people post comments to their entries.

I have seen blog pages with thousands of views and scores of comments for every entry. Of course, those were really interesting blogs. But the time it must take or the personality that one must have in order to write such interesting blog entries that attract such a loyal comment base. WOW!

I am not sure that I could ever attract that kind of adoration for the bemused or satirical reflections of my ordinary life.

I visit blogs where readers comment all of the time, some everyday.

I work everyday. Reviewing electronic data, paper records, and walking up and down the hall to the restroom. Making sure student-workers aren’t goofing off. When I get home, sometimes I do not look at my computer. I can’t imagine writing a blog entry everyday. I can’t imagine someone reading my blog entries everyday.

Besides, you would not want me to do so. I am not kidding when I write that I know the funniest people, or that the strangest things happen to me or that I think that the meaning of life is to make God laugh……..So I write a blog to make it easier for God to keep up with the inside jokes. You see, that is how I view life as a running joke…..

So, I make the best of it. I try not to worry. I enjoy rum, vodka and tequila. I make things with my hands. I am gracious and open up my life to my friends. I tolerate the paperboy. I deal with strays by trying to find them a home. Just not mine. I find humor in other people’s children. My lawn always needs mowinig - and I refuse to do it. I refer to my needlework hobby as Cripple Me Crochet. I battle with my lawn. I don’t sleep. I blame my father for my allergies. I blame my grandmother for my height. I don’t like being single and over 30 but I don’t want anyone to point it out. I have a cat that I cannot train. I don’t like kittens in groups. I choose the worst contractors. I am avoiding Imakronicliar’s calls requesting that I bring to him the clothes that he abandoned at my house. . Not really good enough for a daily read…..

I do receive complaints from my family and friends when I do not post for a few weeks or when my post is long (because I have a lot to write). But they do not comment when I do post. I wonder why???? Ah, who cares and where is my rum?

I will not abandon 360 but I wonder if there is a relationship with blog comment to my blog posts and the meaning of life.

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