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Cat Strays

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cat People
I offered to give to a friend of mine some of my errant daylilies. I took out the pitchfork and started stabbing into the ground. A cat jumps from out of nowhere. I think nothing of it as I look for more daylilies that are growing unchecked in my lawn.
I stab, tilt and lift daylily after daylily for my friend. Just before my final stab, I see them. The newborn kittens that the cat had left.
Just so you know.
Kittens are only cute on tv and calendars. Kittens in real life are a hassle. They run all over your house, make a lot of noise and a lot of damage. Kittens in your yard are worse. They are feral unless you can catch them and put your scent on them. They live in your yard and then they go into heat and have their own babies.
My neighbor Linda and I were trying to stop this problem. She has had kittens living in her garage for a year now.

So I went to the Humane society and got a cat trap.
Seriously. We set it out and waited. While we waited we discovered three more kittens behind her yard bringing the total to 6. After we caught the mom cat we gathered the kittens and took them to the society.
Well, there goes one set of kittens. It will be a long summer I assure you.
I had to leave a $50 deposit for the cat trap. I am thinking about either donating it or using it for the next set of kittens that appear behind my garage.

Strays… now that is a topic. I wrote several blogs about strays last year around this time. Funny how things repeat themselves.

Stray cats are a bother. They piss and poo in your mulch. If you feed them they will never go away. My neighbor Linda fed them last summer and never closed her garage because she didn’t feel it was right to permit helpless animals to starve or freeze to death.
Of course, we now have boarders in her garage and in my yard. I wouldn’t mind so much if cats ate slugs. I have a horrible slug problem. They eat everything. My pepper plants, my tomato plants, my Zinnias everything

Back to the stray cats. Not only will not they leave but they will regard all property and land to be theirs. Even if you try to remove them. They will try to come back.

Just like stray people. I got rid of one very troublesome stray last year. The stray was locked up at the Animal Shelter for a few months for scratching a Dog Owner and has been let go into a temporary shelter before being permitted to roam the streets again. This stray likes to write letters to me (can you imagine a stray writing a letter? Nothing to read… paw prints). The stray wants something from me.

The stray keeps calling me at all hours requesting that I bring to his Halfway Home for Strays some clothing that he seems to remember leaving at my home.
Hmmm…. The best way to get rid of stray is to get rid of everything that the stray had used, has marked, and slept in. You know anything that has the stray’s scent on it. So, I did…..

It is rather funny and quite pitiful that he keeps calling me.


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