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The Strangest Things Happen to Me

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This is what I want you to consider. I drove 2 hours immediately after work to attend a training from 8 pm to 10 pm. Paid $20 for materials and probably $60 in mileage. The next day the training began at 8 am. The second half of the training began at 2 pm and ended at 4 pm. This video was used to illustrate the roles of those being trained. The trainer received the official PowerPoint a few days before the training. She informed us that she had been forced to scale it down by 50% for our time frame. She would use interactive exercises so as not to bore us with the PPT. For this, I was appreciative. Death by PowerPoint is not what I want my obituary to read.

The woman represented the (let's say) HR director where you work. The little girl is the manager. The man is the reference/person/policy that would disrupt the hiring process. The police car represents the regional manager. The man at the end of the video represents that district manager (who reports to the regional manager).

Now watch the video.

What did YOU learn from the video about the role of the HR director? I am not making this up. People were actually engaged in discussion. Others were laughing so hard their eyes were watering. I was appalled. Someone told me that she wished she had been a fly on the wall when the trainer sat in front of her computer and said to herself, "I have the perfect video for this portion of the training."

I ripped the trainer up in my evaluation and made a phone call.

Just to make my week just as interesting as my weekend, I found a stray kitten that had been trapped in my garage while I was gone. Monday night it begins howling. I tried to catch in order to get rid of it for good. Lydia, my neighbor, who keeps feeding the strays has been catching them and getting them fixed at the Vet's or taking them to the Humane Society. Well, it bit me and bit me good. I had to go to the emergency room ($50 co-pay) in order to get a script for antibiotics. I talked them out of a rabies shot. She has been feeding them for two years. They have no need to go roaming around and catching rabies. Of course, I let Lydia know that she has caused me harm. Her daughter and I pleaded with her to stop feeding the strays out of her garage. To illustrate my point, I bled on her rug. No more knitting/crocheting for me for a minute...

:: Update

Lydia informed me today when I arrived home from work that the cat is still in garage. She heard it howling today. Funny, when she told me this she had cat food in her hand and was on her way to her garage. Do you see the irony? This is all her fault.....

Today, I was in my car doing things that might make a man stare while sitting at the railroad crossing. They were the type of gestures, I will do when I am alone or with really good female friends. I looked to my right and I see this guy staring, wide mouthed at me. I politely smile and drove off. At the next traffic signal, he aligns his car with mine and holds up his cell phone. He is mouthing some words......Riyeeet...... I turned my head and began applying lotion to my hands in the sexiest manner possible.

That was worth my $120 weekend.

Frizzy Hooker

Yarn Stash Afghan Blanket

10 percent

This one is coming along. I am excited to have found a way to get rid of my yarn stash and have fun with it.

I B Knitty

Great Escape Cape

90 percent

I am forced to redo the entire collar. So much for my following the directions.

Knotted Openwork Shawl

This is really wide. Might be more of a blanket.


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