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Sunday, December 30, 2007

On My Lap

I read this in the Sunday Paper

2007: Are we turning the page on reading?

Which got me thinking, as we look back on 2007 and consider the year in books, has print finally turned a corner?

Two of 2007's biggest publishing events left a wildly divergent picture of the future: On the positive side, the year's unquestionable blockbuster was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - which sold 10 million copies in 24 hours and left wags wagging about how Harry created a generation of readers. On the negative, the National Endowment for the Arts released a study, that America is reading less for pleasure than ever before - particularly young America. But don't feel bad: The French published How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read, which became a hit over here, too. (I bought this book for my roommate)

What you saw less of this year, thankfully, were bitter polemics - though Stephen Colbert had a huge hit with a parody of one. One could argue, however, that O.J. Simpson's If I Did It, finally released, is bitter and polemical; it's also a hit, having sold more than 100,000 copies since October. That said, so concerned are we that kids are overly obsessed with celebrity and not getting out from behind computers that another hit of 2007, The Dangerous Book for Boys, was more or less a manual for being a child.

My favorite book of 2007?

They asked me to pick one.

Three books come to mind: Alex Ross' The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century, an unlikely, engrossing history of classical music and how it shaped rock and hip-hop and how we hear in general; Joshua Ferris' Then We Came to the End, a moving first novel with a keen understanding of hive mentalities (written in the cultish "We") that, after The Office and Office Space, rescues office novels from the usual satire.

And the best:

Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, a buzzsaw of an immigrant novel that skips from high culture to low, from its hero's family legacy in the Dominican Republic, back to his pitiful life in the States as a fat, virginal, Lord-of-the-Rings loser. Funny and moving, told in a zippy combination of Spanglish, pop-culture shorthand, and literary flourish, Diaz's first book in a decade is so vibrant it's likely to force a reconsideration of the immigrant saga - and America.

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What was your favorite read of 2007?

On my lap at any given time you will find my belly, having gained quite a bit of weight this year; a ball of yarn; a kitty; or a good book.

This Year, I have read or heard.

Books 1 through 4 of the Vampire Huntress Series.

Books 6 and 7 of the Southern Vampire Series

The entire Harry Potter Collection


Right now, I am finishing up two yarn projects. The knitted cape has completely worked my nerves but I am finally down to the last two buttons.

The yarn-stash blanket proved to take more time that I had allotted for it. It will be complete this week. Thank god. It is driving me crazy.

The wrap has suffered because of the baby blanket. But it will be on my lap today.

Happy New Year

Frizzy Hooker

Yarn Stash Afghan Blanket

Now if I could just finish this one!

I B Knitty

Great Escape Cape

I finally finished the collar and now I need to add the buttons and it is done.

Knotted Openwork Shawl

Should be getting back to this one this week.

Frizzy Reader


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