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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If you will recall, I use a rebounder for exercise. I used it to teach myself to knit and walk at the same time. It made my walks at the park more enjoyable.
Now, I am able to knit and bounce for quite some time. I decided that watching TV while knitting poorly used my time.I pulled my old music stand out of the attic and propped a book onto it.
I am a reading, knitting, bouncing fool.
I purchased this rebounder ages ago.It is worth paying for an expensive model. While I have not always used it, I have had numerous memberships at gyms, it remains in good shape. This one is a Nordak Rebounder.

I enjoy bouncing after work for a half hour or so. The ENT doctor ordered me to lose 50 lbs in order to avoid the Uvula Palatoplasty surgery. I gave myself 3 months. I have lost absolutely nothing.  How can I lose weight if I do not sleep well at night. The time of day when the body burns calories? How can I lose weight if I am tired all the time. How can I exercise everyday after work and make my crochet, knitting and sorority meetings? Argh.
I do not eat that much in calories. I know this because I track my calories on Calorie Count. It is a vicious stupid cycle. I do not want this surgery, but I must get some sleep.
I work-out almost daily for at least 30 minutes. When I am not in the mood to bounce, I have a power yoga DVD.I am still overweight.
I have added Vitamin D to my diet. I read that women do not get enough of the vitamin and its link to weight loss in several magazines and blogs this month. Still, I expect to have the surgery.
In anticipation, I want my bedroom to be very warm when I am in recovery. In my search for the drafts coming into my room, I caught sight of my cat. As you can see, the spot in front of the radiator is the warmest spot in the room.


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

wow! there must be a word which describes high level multi-tasking- hypertasking?

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