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Friday, March 23, 2012

My list for the week of March 19 2012 per the GBE2 prompt
"Make a list and title it"
 I can track my lists now on my smartphone.
Thank goodness for Gtasks app for Android.

✔Start tomatoes indoors
This year I have committed myself to starting my garden early.
Therefore, Once Again, I am extremely disappointed at Mother Nature's early spring thaw.
My tulips are bloomed. The flowers that are supposed to be the first of the spring????? Were on time but arrived after the crocuses, daffodils, hyacinth and tulips. Am I right? Isn't it too early for most of these flowers?
Take a look

Glory of the snow sans snow

With this being noted, I am still going to start a set of brandywine tomatoes, basil and okra in the house. I need to pick up some of those seedling kits and soil. I would use the compost but I don't want bugs on my porch which is where I plan to put the seedling kits.

✔Buy Mixing Bowls with spouts
Mixing bowls should have spouts. I do not understand why this had not occurred to me when I purchased my mixing bowls. I usually place a mat or a silicon cookie mat under my bowls to catch my messes. There are always messes. A spout would have saved many an apron from the wash.
I have rediscovered aprons now that I have to prepare and cook more of my meals. I love wearing an apron. I want one with a clever slogan.

✔Get a Grease can
The PCP has suggested that I follow the Paleo diet plan to lower my sugar levels.
After researching it, I understand that I need a grease can to capture meat rendering fat. I rejected the mason jar suggestion or the old standard of using crisco can. Yes, that is what I got from my research....I am sure that if you ask anyone else about the Paleo diet he or she will mention things like
It's a really easy diet where you eat what would have been available to cavemen.
- remove all grains
- remove all processed foods
- remove sugar
- remove processed oils
- remove dairy products

Me. I mention "get a grease can."

I wanted something pretty to store my fat drippings. I looked in the stores and found nothing with a strainer, a spout, tight fitting lid and firmly sealed. The strainer to remove bits. The spout for ease of pouring. See spill-free pouring is important to me. Tight lid to keep the fat from going rancid and good sealant to keep my counters clean.
Nothing at Macys, JcPenney, Dillards, Sears or Bed Bath and Beyond. I wonder why?
Luckily, Amazon had exactly what I needed.
With recipes like these I don't see this as a diet anymore. This just might become a lifestyle change.
This diet humors me. I grew up with relying on a crisco can full of fat to fry my foods. I went to college and learned that fat in the Soul Food kitchen would kill me. I vowed never to reuse fat. I believed Mrs. Partridge when she exalted the benefits of vegetable oil but my food never tasted as good as my mother's meals.


✔Pick up some Cheap Sugar
When Bebe "visits" my home, she makes for herself food and drink. Her favorite drink is what I call 'flavored sugar water." As you know, I only use Domino's sugar. This sugar comes with a high price tag. I even though the new diet discourages sugar, I can not permit her to use it up in her syrup drinks. I have instructed her to use the cheap sugar. After two visits, I need to pick up more for her hydration and energy needs.

✔Schedule an oil change
My helpful car has informed me by email that I need an oil change. It is true. the online program does save me money. I don't have to follow the "every 4 months" rule anymore. I just wait for the email.

That's my list I hope that you learned something from it.


Jo said...

Fun post! Early plantings still need to be done, so get busy.
The oil change emails do rock, I love them.

Claudia Moser said...

Spring is around the corner, right? :)

Anonymous said...

I need a garden.

Just Jane said...

I want mixing bowls with spouts too.

Also, can you share the link to your fats container? I've been looking for something like that myself.

Dee said...

hi Frizzy,

If you're interested in Paleo, have you taken a look at

Love your name btw!

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