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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chilly Willy's Electric Blanket Pictures, Images and PhotosLast week the frost hit my cannas, tomatoes and collard greens. I turned on the heat. I pulled the plants out of my yard.
I pulled out my 2 piece puppy pajamas.   The electric blanket. The hot cocoa.  The radiant heater for the drafts. 
I have lived in my house for five winters.  This winter, I am determined to find the explanation for the severe COLD in my bedroom.  My bedroom has more draft than the basement. I feel like a forensic detective trying to solve a murder when I am walking around with burning incense to find drafts.
I discovered one draft emanating from the closet.  Yes, the closet.  I have placed a towel under the door.
Another draft seems to come from the new windows.  I still cannot determine the exact place. I am sure shoddy workmanship is the problem.  Never select your window company based on seeing a label at a Habitat for Humanity house.  Willingness provide energy saving windows for a homeless family does not equal superb installation for your home. 
A third draft begins in the craft/computer room which houses the upstairs kitty litter.  I had the balcony door draft proofed last year.  I can't figure out where the air originates now that the door is sealed. Probably the closet or the new window. 
The final draft that slaps me in my face comes from the attic.  I purchased this handy tool called an attic insulator from Owens Corning.  I place it atop the stairs. Yes, the attic opening is located in my bedroom. I didn't build my home.  I just live there.
This winter, I hope to stay warm.  

And now,the Indian Summer.
Which means the beginnings of a sinus infection.  Nice.
Sadly, I am at a conference located 3.5 hours from home. I have missed half the conference in bed.  I have missed three meals.  I feel like crap.

All I have been able to do is work on the projects that I brought with me and read.  As you can see I have finally turned the corner on the ruana. The wrap should keep me warm this winter once I get it completed. 

chilly willy the penguin Pictures, Images and Photos  
Yes this warm. I used to love Chilly Willy as a kid. I didn't think that I would become him when I became a homeowner.
 BTW the socks that I mentioned here  from Elizabeth  have been keeping me warm.  


Anonymous said...

I am with you, fifth winter in my drafty home. I wish I could have gotten character without the cold, but they seem to be best friends in older homes.

Tomorrow's evening project...saran wrap the entire house!

-JJ - the flat iron tweeker :)

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

borrow a cat, and wherever they won't lie down, there is a draught!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I have two cats. They prefer the beds and behind the radiator heater.

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