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Monday, January 31, 2011

I am still using the subjects from messages in my Spam folder for today's topic.

I held my first staff meeting for 2011. I felt that we were too giddy on Friday mornings, which had been our original staff meeting day and time. I set the meeting time at 11 am to ensure that staff would be there before leaving for lunch. It also gave us an excuse to have lunch meetings. I am very clever. Unfortunately, it led to a lot of silly antics.  Staff tended to get off track due to fatigue or hunger.

I felt that Monday after lunch would be the best time for a staff meeting. Everyone would have eaten and had the weekend to refresh.

First, I had to gather my staff together for the meeting. I think they consider it a tentative meeting until I call out, "Where is Ambriel" I don't blame them. There was a time not to long ago where staff meetings were at the whim of the supervisor (not me). I do not like staff meetings, but their important in documenting administration and in evaluation.
At today's meeting we discussed how to take our office to the next level. You know. Thinking outside of the box. We have a unique opportunity to distinguish ourselves from other offices and I want start the memento.
I looked out of the corner of my eye and spied Jibjab cleaning his ears with the cap of pen. I found that distracting. Earlier, I asked him if he was speaking in staccato style. The half of the room that sat nearest him, thought I was hearing things. The staff sitting next to me, agreed with me that his speech was muffled.
 We ended the meeting discussing the staff get-together for this weekend. Since a member is house sitting and had no house rules from the owner, he decided to host the office party. Well there is a rule. Whatever he does in the house is fine as long as he washes the sheets.
Yes, I have a great staff. And we have great staff meetings. And better staff outings.
We were finalizing the menu options for the party when I noticed that Jibjab had fallen asleep.

This was my staff member. Okay not really, he was leaned back in the chair with his eyes closed. Just as obvious.

So, I pressed my index finger to my lips, nodded my head toward the door, and gathered my notebook. All of us quietly progressed out of the conference room. Leaving Jibjab to his cat nap.
By the way the meeting took 35 minutes.

Happy Monday.


Mary's Sharing Space said...

Maybe Jibjab had a long weekend of partying....good to know he has a good supervisor who allowed him his cat nap. Meetings always went better on Wednesday (when I worked) first thing in the morning....half the week over and another half to go. Good luck with your job.

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