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Thursday, February 3, 2011

There I saw it. It is here!

The Red-Breasted Robin is the First Sign of Spring

There were dozens of birds on every tree that I walked past on my way to work. This gives me excitement. Despite all the snow. I mean ALL THE SNOW, I know that spring is around the corner. So of course, I pulled out the office camera and went searching .

What the Robin Told
The wind
told the grasses,
And the grasses
told the trees.
The trees
told the bushes,
And the bushes
told the bees.

The bees
told the robin,
And the robin
sang out clear:
Wake up!
Wake up!
Spring is here!

I spotted this little guy after I heard his song.

 Outside of the library the robins congregate.

Starred forget-me-nots smile sweetly, Ring, bluebells, ring! Winning eye and heart completely, Sing, robin, sing! All among the reeds and rushes, Where the brook its music hushes, Bright the caloposon blushes,__ Laugh, O murmuring Spring!
Sarah Foster Davis

Look at the robin on the far right. His chest is blazing red. He will have his pick of females tonight!


Seeing robins and blue jays and cardinals are the best part of Winter after the solstice.

I don't pay any attention to that silly groundhog.


Mary said...

I have been watching the birds also. We have had the most brillant colored blue bird hanging around our backyard. I even took pictures to prove it also. Come on spring..we are waiting.

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