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Thursday, September 15, 2011

This subject

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From my junkmail folder is quite incoherent. Let's take the sentence apart

Or is it.
I simply do not know.

Perhaps, I spent entirely too much time on that.


Summer continues and I am still getting veggies from the garden.

Last week's garden haul.
Cayenne Peppers
Jalapeno peppers
And eggplants

I have been watching the acorn squash. I might be picking it next week.

Yesterday, had to be one of the oddest days so far this Summer. 
Despite what you have heard, it is still Summer until next week. I wear white until the equinox. You can deal with it.

You see it too, right?  White after Labor Day, my goodness... 

As a matter of fact, I will be attending a White Wine party. Yes, I thought it was a party featuring only white wine initially. I reread the invitation and pulled out some of my favorite white pieces that I shall wear one more time.

Now, my story
Last week, the storage room emitted a mildew-like smell. We shut the door. This week the stench overwhelmed anyone required to view old files. By Wednesday, the odor lead to the quarantine of the room. I contacted plant facilities.

"Hi, I have a storage room that smells like something may have died it in."
"Oh, that is terrible. I will have the maintenance guys head over to your location after their lunch hour."
That was easy. I waited. An hour latter, four big guys in blue coveralls pile into my office suite.
The first guy, I shall refer to him as Al, says
Where do you smell smoke?
I looked shocked. "Smoke? No, it is a dead animal."
"We received a report for the smell of smoke."
"Let me take you to the room and you can smell it for yourself."
I lead the huge guys to the backroom. Two, I recognize as the electricians and the other two as the overall maintenance men for the building. The electricians look annoyed at being called out for a dead animal and not an electrical fire. I guess, we look for different types of excitement in our jobs. 

I open the door and quickly jump back.
"Oh, that is just mildew. You should have the custodians disinfect this room" says Al.
"That is not mildew."

Al, motions to one of the electricians.

Apparently, I am to be ignored for being a woman.
"This is just a strong mildew smell. She should call the custodians to disinfect."
"That is a pretty strong smell," says the electrician at the frame of the storage room door.
In his defense. The room is pretty narrow and is filled with furniture. If he had entered the storage room, it would have been a tight fit. I inform the gentlemen that the smell has gotten worse over the last ten days.
"I am telling you that is not mildew."
"It could be a mouse. Probably in the ceiling tiles," says the electrician
Al begins to walk back and forth in the small room, looking under things and behind boxes for what he assumes to be an nonexistent carcass.

While he searches one of the smaller electricians joins him in the storage room.
The remaining men begin to discuss the time-frame for small animal decomposition. I asked them to stop talking about it.
"Hey there is a beer can in here," shouts Al after a minute or two.
"Don't tell me there is mildew in that can."
I am mortified. He picks up the can to demonstrate.I immediately begin to wonder if one of my staff members has a drinking problem. A problem hidden in the storage room where few people venture.

From where I stood, it looked like a beer can. I am so embarrassed. How do I address this? Do I call HR? Do I start smelling the breaths of my staff? How do I accomplish this being the shortest member of the office? 
Fortunately, Al pulls me from my thoughts.
"This is the source of your smell."
He carries the can out of the room and attempts to induce the electricians into smelling it. Everyone smells it (even his partner in maintenance).  I decline.
Instead, I note that it is not a beer can. It is a meal replacement shake.

I have an employee trying to secretly lose or gain weight.......Arghhhhh

He carries the can out of the suite with an extended hand. Everyone in the office pinches their respective noses as he walks past them. Being too dignified to pinch my nose, I opt to holding my finger under the bridge while glaring at each member of the office.

In conclusion,
it takes two electricians, two maintenance men and one stubborn woman to remove a nasty smell from the storage room.
No one admitted to leaving the can in the storage room. I really don't care.


Anonymous said...

Never accuse a good beer. Now those evil replacement meals ... bless your heart for getting rid of the stench.

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