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Why you don't have pets

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last year, I noticed that Fuzzy was exploring in the drop ceiling above below the kitchen above the basement bathroom. I placed tons of moth balls in the ceiling to discourage her. I believe she explored it to check on the groundhog and possum that had been living in it last Fall.
That got old.
So did the moth balls.
I found that I had to keep repleniishing them to keep her out of the area.

A month ago, the kitchen light blew as I flicked the on switch.
A week later the laundry light bulb blew and each new light bulb placed into the fixture would pop and never light again.
I went into the basement bathroom and found that the light fixture in there no longer worked. 
I was troubled by this. 
I checked the fuse box or switch box or whatever it is called. Nothing there.
It slipped my mind for a bit as many things do.
Until I spotted a pair of cat ears  from the laudry area in the drop ceiling above the basement shower.
It all made sense to me now.
Using a flashlight, I found many junction boxes hidden by the drop ceiling. No doubt one of those boxes powered the three lights.
I decided to take a more direct approach to keep the cat out of the drop ceilign and out of danger
What was that?
You want to know how the cat gets into the drop celing?
She jumps on top of the washer.
From there she jumps onto the laundry shelving.
Then she jumps into the opening left there by the contractors who did not extend the laundry room wall all the way up to the ceiling to permit air flow or some nonsense. If you read my blog back in 2005, you would remember that I hired a company against whom I later filed a BBB complaint.
I am forced to remember it all the time, especially during times like these.
I padded to the garage and pulled out some of the bird netting that I used to keep the birds out of the strawberries. Cut it down square patches and stapled it to openings to keep the cat out of the area until my Step-Dad the electrician would arrive this week for the holiday.
It worked for a few days until she found a weakness.  You can see how she pulled the netting away from the wood on the right side.
What did you say?
Oh, you want to know why the cat is so keen to visit the rafters?
it is Raja.
The kitten is tormenting her. Seriously.
The kitten will not giver her a moment's peace. I bought one of the towers thinking that Fuzzy could jump up there and escape the kitten. I didn't consider that the same tower encouraged Raja to claw her way to the top landing so she could visit with Fuzzy. 
Raja can not jump on top of the washer, the laundry shelf or into the rafter. Meaning Fuzzy can escape her constant need for attention. It is the highest, safest spot for her.
Yes, I suppose it is all very funny to you.
I ran  back into the garage and pulled out the chicken wire. I stapled it over the bird netting. 
That proved effective for about two days.
I found this scene last night. 

I called Dad,the all around handyman, who suggested that I find perforated sheet metal, cut it to size, and screw it into the wood. It would look better and keep the cat out. He and my Step-Dad are coming on Saturday to work on sealing off the access for the cat and fix the wiring that the cat damaged. Perhaps, 2 heads are better than one.
Meanwhile, I have stuffed all the opening with excess insulation from the attic, secured with bird netting and chicken wire while still wearing my professional uniform. (skirt, tights, dress, hair in a ball)
This morning I said to the cat "Challenge accepted."


Kath said...

Oh, Frizzy, you make me laugh!

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