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My Way is to the Left

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I use my mouse on the left hand side. No, not a left-handed mouse. But a regular mouse on the left hand side of my keyboard.

You would think that I was wearing my socks on the outside of my shoes. Or using a spoon to cut a steak with the reactions I get from people.

I know keystrokes to common functions and use those actions rather than click with my mouse. Or I click it with my right hand.

Simply moving my mouse to the left has made all the difference in the world.

I can click will I write notes down.

I can click while I do some data entry using the right sided keypad. (But my next goal is to teach my left hand to be proficient at the keypad so that I can use my right hand to tick off lines as I go).

I can click will I hold the telephone receiver.

I can click while I wave goodbye to my co-worker.

I love it.

But people keep trying to change me. I had to ban one of my students from ever using my computer because he always rearranged my desktop. Isn’t that the rudest thing?

I have chastised many other students for moving my mouse. Why is this so peculiar?????

Everyone seems to be interested in whether or not I am left handed.

I tried left handed steak cutting. It did not go very well. I decided to stay with right handed cutting and eating left-handedly with my fork. Left-handed people always assume that I am left handed when I do this. I get the most enthusiastic inquiries from dinner guests when I feed myself with my left hand. Actually, I think that putting down my knife to pick up my fork is a waste of time. In the same way as letting go of my mouse in order to jot a note down.

I am trying to get things done.

I have tried doing mini-exercises during commercial breaks. Luckily I live alone or at least my roomie is downstairs and doesn’t see me when I am doing this. I might do a few lunges, or some squats, maybe throw in some sit-ups.

Okay seriously I don’t really do all of those things. But I had a roommate last year for a month that would march in place for 30 minutes after every meal. ….. She was thin and fit. Maybe I should try it.

Well I will be darned if there isn't a website for everything,5778,s-5-87-1-279-1-P,00.html

At any rate, this weight gain has allowed me to appreciate the whole standing while peeing thing that men can do. I really do not enjoy my tummy sitting on my lap……..

Well anyway. Not much interesting happened last week. Except that I turned 36 on Sunday.

Perhaps, this week I can write two entries.


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