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If I had my life to live over

Thursday, June 14, 2012

If I Had My Life to Live Over…

I would have gone to the University of Cincinnati for Graduate School.

I would live work in Puerto Rico.
And see things like this all the time.
Scene of Puerto Rico Turkey
San Jaun convention center Wildlife in San Juan
Frizzy in San Jaun PeacocksSwan

I would not have to visit PR in between meetings while attending a conference.

I would spend my leisure time being leisure and not accumulate hours and hours of vacation time. I am up to 340hours.....

I would know how to work my personal technology.
For example, this was my response when I realized my camera was not actually taking a picture.

I would not have hips that create the perfect mound upon which the cat likes to lay herself.
Yup. She is on my hip. I am on my side. I was reading a book until I decided to snap this picture.

I would avoid the SMALL number of instances where I clearly had to much to drink in public around large groups of people who ALREADY know me.
I will never forget when Jamissey suggested that I drink a glass of homemade wine given to her by one of her college students earlier this year.

I made a sangria out of it (with vodka) and descended into a sloppy drunk within the hour.
The next day, I woke up on her couch with a hamburger bun stuck to my shirt.
The mustard stains are the only evidence from that day which remain.
She dumped the wine after my drunken adventure and keeps saying "I told you not to drink it"
I don't remember that.
That leads me to another thing I would do differently if I had my live to life over....
I would remember and take heed to more warnings given to me.

Meaning, I would have paid more attention to my cat when she attempted to tell me about the possum living under the dining room in the basement drop ceiling before it had wandered into the living room and wiped out my 'new roof' savings.

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Anonymous said...

Frizzy, I loved your blog and especially your honesty! lol about the hamburger bun. Sorry, that you probably felt pretty nasty that day. Puerto Rico looks like a beautiful place...I can see why you would want to be there. Take care!

Jo said...

I think PR is a lovely spot and I would really enjoy a visit there one day. A couple weeks.
And that opposum thing, yuck. I just removed one from my pool skimmer last week-end, not a fan, dead or alive.

Phoenixritu said...

Still laughing over this one. The wine OMG! You must have had a bad headache the next day. Puerto Rico looks lovely

Nancy said...

Love your blog title! I want to relearn what little I once knew of crocheting. I hate o'possums! I spent a month in PR when I was young. Sigh. When I was young....

I will definitely be back! Your writing makes me smile.

The Frizzy Hooker said...


The Frizzy Hooker said...

Never drink 3 year old home made wine and then go to a community fund raiser...

bronwyngordon said...

I had intended to move to Costa Rica when I retired. Yet, here I am in Los Alamos... You are right, one should listen to one's cat. Loved your post; thanks for the laugh.

danneromero said...

oh, boy, frizzy... i would have bought a house at the beach, rather than inland... (never too late, right?)

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait. Did you say 340 hours? THREE HUNDRED FORTY?!?!

Take a break, woman!

Joyce Lansky said...

Great ideas, but you know what? Peggy Sue got married again! Sounds like you've had a good time with some of the things you've done, so why change? Besides, technology skills are over rated.

The_First_30_years said...

three year old???... i think it was about a decade old bottle of bathtub smelled like things I can't say in public. But I wouldn't trade that night or our friendship for anything!

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