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My Ruby Square

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Edited 3/09/09

Help me test this design
This design was inspired by a motif by Chantal Chevallier titled, Rubies from the December 1993 issue of Magic Crochet.

I loved the motif and wanted to convert it to a granny square. This is my tenth version of the square. I like it.
Tell me what you think.

Robin's Rubies

Triple Crochet (trc): Yarn over 2 times, - three loops on the hook.
Loop yarn over hook and draw through two loops, (there are now three loops remaining on the hook), yarn over hook and draw through two loops,
Again, loop yarn over hook and draw through the last two loops on the hook.

Use a Size G or H hook

Base Round: 4ch, join with sl st.

Round 1: ch1, 7sc in ring, sl st in 1ch

Round 2: Ch3 (counts as one dc), 2dc in same st. 3dc in next and each st around. Sl st in top of ch3 (24dc)

Bring in second color for round 3

Round 3; On this round you will increase by 12 dc. Carry the colors under and behind your work. To change colors when using double crochet pull the new yarn into the fabric ahead of your next stitch. Then pull the new yarn into the top loops of the final yarn over and pull through of the double crochet st and continue working with the new color.

Color A, 3Ch switch to B. 2Dc in next st. *Switch to A. Dc in next st. Switch to B. 2dc in next st. * repeat pattern in each st around. Sl st with color a in top of ch3. Cut color B. (12 dc in color A and 24 DC in color B.)

Round 4: Sl st in next st . 3sc (counts as one DC). Dc in same st as 3ch. Ch one. 2DC in next st. skip next st (should be dc in Color A – you will skip each of these) sl st in top of ch 3. (2dc in next st, 1ch, 2dc in next st, sk next st) around cut color A. (48 dc)

Round 5: With color B attach in any 1ch space. *8Ch, sk 1st. sc in next st.* repeat around for a total of 23 chain 8 loops, chain 4, sk st, dtrc in next st (counts as 8ch loop).

Round 6: On this round you will be twisting each of the 8ch loops from right to left before working sc. Twist a 8ch loop, connect with 1sc in twisted loop, ch2, sc. *Twist next loop. Sc, ch3, sc in next loop.* Repeat around. Sl st in first sc. [24 ch3 loops]

Round 7: Sl st in the 1ch space . 3Ch [counts as one dc] (dc, ch 2, 2dc) in same sp. In the next and each 1ch space (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) . Join with sl st in top of beginning 3h . cut color. (24 ch2 spaces)

Rnd 8: Join next color with sc in any ch 2 sp. (Ch 2, sk 2dc, dc between dc sts, ch 2, sk 2 dc, sc in next ch 2 sp) around, join with sl st in beginning sc.

Rnd 9: Sl st into ch 2 sp. Ch 4, (2 dtr, ch 2, 3 dtr) in same sp. You will only be working in the 2ch spaces *[ 2 dc, 2hdc, ch1, 2 sc, ch1 ,2hdc, 2dc], (3dtr, ch 2, 3dtr) in next ch 2 sp* Repeat from twice, then repeat between the brackets [ ] once. Join with sl st in 4th ch of beginning ch 4.

Rnd 10: 3Ch, 1dc in the next 2trc, *(2dc, 3ch, 2dc) in 2ch corner space, 1Dc in next 3trc. Dc in next 26 st.* [ In corner 2ch sp (2dc, ch 3, 2dc). Sk next trc, 1dc in next 29sts ] Repeat from [ ] twice, then from * to * once. Join with sl st in top of beginning 3ch. (33dc per side)

Rnd 11: ch 3, dc in next 4 dc st. * In ch 2 sp. (2dc, ch 2, 2dc) Dc in each dc across, *Repeat around. Join with sl st in 3rd ch of beginning ch 3. Finish off.


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