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My Crafty Update

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Outside of being tagged repeatedly with this blog chain letter, I have been pretty busy trying to complete 2008’s unfinished objects or UFO. The Europe Shoulder Cape has left my home. Jumps up with joy. I gave it to my Aunt Linda yesterday. She said that it will be perfect for the drafty church.
My housemate is modeling it for me. I promised her that I would not get her face.

I have finally found a suitable recipient for the clown pants mentioned here. A highschool classmate and the daughter of a family friend had a little girl. I am so happy. Three of my friends had boys one after the other. I didn't think that I would be able to give this jumper away for a long time. It is not my goal to have UFO's in my house. I want them in and out. So this one will be out soon. Yippee!

I have two remaining UFO's from 2008. Isn't that grand, only two.....

I began the Red and White blanket last February when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. I took a chance that she was having a girl and abandoned the blanket to work on the clown pants for her. She gave birth to a boy in October just to make me angry. I restarted this blanket in November and worked on it on election night. I considered not giving it to her because it will always represent what I was doing when history was made. After a month of inner struggle, I decided to give it to her as she was its original recipient. She will receive this red and white blanket made of four 21 inch granny squares in Cascade Superwash.
The final remnant of 2008 is a cap. I am using tapestry crochet technique to make a red and white cap for a sorority sister of mine. I have ripped it three times because it will not cup for me. I know how to make caps. I have made tens of them and I certainly know how to make a hat cup. This one defies me. I hate it. I will finish it but I will not enjoy doing so.

My first project of 2009 was a scarf exchange. So much fun. I kept it simple. It was easy to make and complete.
My next project will be a blanket for another friend having a son.
Well, those are my updates


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