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16 Things about me

Thursday, January 22, 2009

1. I love German Chocolate Cake

Specifically my mother's German Chocolate Cake. I love my Aunts Red Velvet but that would be for another list.

2. I am addicted to

I may need an intervention.

3. I can’t stop buying yarn

I have run out of places to put it. This really cannot be normal

4. I love pantyhose and tights

I also hate shaving and multiple layers.

5. I love my heated car seats

Once you have experienced heated car seats you will never go back.

6. I drink a lot of tea

I cannot drink coffee anymore. Isn't that strange.

7. I keep dark chocolate in the fridge

Everyone should

8. I read multiple audiobooks and paper books at the same time

Is really is quite normal. I have to get my 10,000 steps in and I can listen to an audiobook while I pace.

9. I only order XM radio when they solicit me fantastically low deals

Last night they offered me a dollar a week!

10. I never pay my newspaper bill on time on principle

I just can't seem to do it right

11. I order biyrani and sushi twice a month

So yummy

12. I prefer skirts and dresses

I like being a girl

13. I grow tomatoes each year to make sauce that I give away to friends

You should ask for some

14. I still watch cartoons

Beats reality tv any day

15. I still have dreams about an old boyfriend where I am kicking his ass

He deserves it

16. If given the option to do something perfectly and to do something funny, I will go with the funny every time.


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