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Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday the dollar store had some drama.

Someone committed a hit and run. Hours later the victim recognized the car that had hit her in the parking lot of the dollar store. She restrained the car by blocking with her own. The owner of the car insisted that she had not been driving the car at the time of the accident.
The police were called.
Here the story gets fuzzy. The woman unblocked the perpetrator car. But the police would not permit the owner of the car to drive it home until she provided proof of insurance. There was some agreement that the car would be unmolested in the lot while she retrieved her insurance information.

Apparently, she did not return fast enough. This was predicated by the fact that she did not have car insurance prior to returning to the store.

I am getting ahead of the story. At some point the police left the parking lot.

While she was gone the victim began calling the local news stations to elicit coverage of her actions. this made the employees of the dollar store upset. They threatened to call the police if a news crew arrived. Sometime between 5 and 6 p.m. A girlfriend of one of the employees contacted the owner of the parking lot to have the offending car towed. The victim left the scene. The employee and his girlfriend left the store.

The owner of the car returned with a crisp newly printed copy of an insurance card for a missing car. The employee on duty had no idea what happened to the car. The employee contacted the owner. She explained to the car owner that she would have to retrieve her car from the impound lot.

Then the two of them began to discuss the motivations of the victim, the police, the girlfriend and parking lot owner in keeping her from driving her car home. The owner insisted that she had not been driving the car and saw no reason for it to be towed. The employee was on break during towing ruckus and could only comment on the audacity of the girlfriend.

The car owner left the store to secure her impounded vehicle.

By now, you have got to be wondering how it has come to be that I am able to relay this story to you in so much detail.

I will tell you why, it is because people don't care who knows their business. They talk on their cellies about results of STI tests and how is the cause. They yell at their husbands for forgetting to pick up milk. They try to convince dollar store employees that they would never commit a hit and run even thought they had no insurance.

I was looking for the cupcakes. I couldn't get the employees attention in order to ask her where they were. So I kept looking for them. The story only took a few minutes. The gals kept repeating parts of the story as if they were practicing with a lawyer.
When I was ready to check out, she didn't deign to acknowledge how I had been inconvenienced by the drama. the store employee did however share with the customer in front of me and parking lot owner via phone her personal aggravation with the drama.

If the store didn't carry snacks for work for cheaper than the grocery stores I wouldn't bother shopping there at all.

Crafty Update

I have been suckered into taking a break from my selfish knitting and crocheting in order to make preemie hats for a co-worker's sister. This is my first time working with 4 in bamboo needles. I am not having fun


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