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Monday, January 4, 2010

I spent part of my vacation visiting my sister in Georgia.
She has an 18 month old. Just so you know, the baby ignored me preferring to play with the 6'4" bald guy.
The joke was on him because she gave to him her stomach virus.
Of course, then the joke was on me. Driving a 6'4" bald guy from Georgia to Northern Ohio with the sh!ts is not fun at all.

More about that another blog.
I discovered some things while travelling. I would like to share them with you
0. People who text, log into FB, or try to use GPS navigation while driving, have no idea what kind of dangerous situation they are creating. It is best to take over the driving. a. GPS navigation on your cell phone is just plain stupid....
1. Never, ever, ever, ever eat at a sushi restaurant that is down the road from a Waffle House. Just go to the Waffle House. You will thank yourself in the morning.
2. Kentucky is hiding a secret. Ale 8 one is the best most delicious soft drink not sold in your state. I am negotiating with a truck driving friend to bring me this drink when she is passing through Ohio. This ale is the answer to a long work day. The taste reminds me of my favorite comfy leisure suit and a glass of wine without the buzz.
3. Lagunitas Brown Shugga ale should not be legal. Don't they know that sugar will mess you up????? I learned that I CANNOT handle 9.84% alc AT ALL in a bottle. If you like beer, you simply must seek this ale and try it. Eat first.
4. Anyone who is sick for 24 hours is not capable of making any decisions related to travelling after the 25th hour. Trust me.....
5. If you can take the queen size bed from the teenager, take it. There is no reason to be nice to a teenager who will not loan to you her house slippers for the cold mornings anyway. Just take her bed and make her sleep in the baby's room on the balloon (air) mattress
6. Never, ever, ever be okay with sleeping on air mattress. Doing so will not guarantee your spot in heaven so don't bother.
7. Speed up on Green light violations SUCK! They are the most cowardly, idiotic violations you can get. Any municipality that uses them should be targeted by missiles.
As a motorist, these are the options when the light is changing:
a. Speed up - speed on green ticket
b. Stay at speed limit - red light ticket
c. Slam on breaks and hope you don’t enter intersection - Rear end collision.
8. If you are using text banking. Don't count on it to provide and up to date balance. I used this option outside of every store I entered. I forgot that some businesses take days to post a charge. Nice

Crafty Update
I decided that with my bizarre weight gain and losses, I should switch to wearing cloaks and capes rather than coats. I have decided to use some of my stashed Ella Rae classic wool yarn to make a ruana. I began it on the drive to Georgia. I have used three skeins so far.
I am making it on the bias. My hope is that it will hang better this way. Beginning at the right edge, I am adding a stitch at the start and end of each forward row. When I the left and right edges measure 48 inches, I will only add a stitch at the start of the forward row and decrease a stitch at the end. I will post pictures as I go.
These are the nieces scarves for 2009. I suspect they will receive them sometime in 2010. Oh well.....


suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

it's illegal to use a cell phone in your hand while driving in the uk, which seems so sensible to me... dang! I'm getting old.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like one helluva road trip!! :) Love the projects, they look fab.

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