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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It finally came
I have been waiting since October 31st for my magic ball of yarn.I love the cotton yarn
My cat wanted some attention.
I really don't think she cared about the items in the swap box. She wanted to rub against the camera.
I received a neato chapstick cozie in the form of a penis. I can't wait to put that in my purse.

And now for some somber news.

Making cookies this month, I ignored the smell of a smoldering motor for far too long. I didn't stop using the mixer until I began to see smoke coming from it.
I unplugged it and it continued to smoke for at least 20 more minutes.
I am saying good bye to my first hand mixer.
1997 - 2010
Rest in pieces Sunbeam Hand mixer

Needless to say. The cookies did not turn out well. The oven was too high.

I want a new one for Valentines Day


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