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My Sweet Revenge

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have been waiting for a phone call for about a month.
Today. It came
Some woman told me that I have an opportunity to lower all of my credit card rates. She warned me that if I do not act right away this opportunity will expire. She cautions that this will be the last time that she will call to offer the opportunity.
I pressed the prompt.
I was transferred to a man who asked me a series of questions about my credit card debt.
Do I have cards with interest rates above 10 percent?
How much do I think I owe?
He then congratulated me on my good credit history as reported by Experian.

Finally he asked, would I like to lower the interest rates?

Well of course.
He began to explain the process ....

And I hung up on him.

I have been waiting to do that for almost two months. I was afraid they were never to call again after I registered my office number with the DoNotCall website. I only wish that I had been knitting when they had called. I would have pretended to have dropped a stitch or something while....

Those sneaky bast@rds
In the past, when I used to ask to be removed the assistant would pretend to take my number and then hang up on me when I was talking.
The time that I requested to speak to a supervisor, she said 'okay,' put me on hold then I heard the dial tone.

My mission, is to hang up on them each time they call. To answer their questions. To feign interest. To lie if it is funny and to HANG UP on them in midsentence.



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