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Backyard Shenanigans

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Edit:  To add pseudo names for my neighbors

This weekend was the holiday.  I spent two evenings with the Van Dames* watching their backyard fireworks.  It could be considered a bit much.  They are nice folks and they had beer.  What can I say?

I am glad that I left the party before the girl fights.  I knew it was a matter of time when the two women would stop drinking and begin fighting.  You can only do some many beer bongs.  After about 4 shots of whiskey, you really need to sit yourself down and be quiet.  Girl A did not bring her own liquor to the party, she took advantage of  Gir -(oops) I mean -Woman B's alcohol and beer bong. I should mention that Woman B's beer bong had been a mother's day present from her fiance.
Yes. It was that type of party.

Really, our friends, relatives and acquaintances come in all forms.  If there is a good time to be had by all , All will have a good time. I was happy to be there.

Woman A took it upon herself to assist Woman B in being hospitable. She cajoled me and Dude into taking whiskey shots and using the beer bong.  Some might call it peer pressure.......
I did it.  Two shots of whiskey one beer bong and then I was ready to get out of there.  The fireworks had been lit and there was nothing to do but watch the slight panic as the bonfire flames edged toward the firewood pile.  Heh. The bonfire was spectacular after the smoke and eye spots  from the sonic booms dissipated.  Yet, I could sense a girlfight.
So, I left.

The next day, the neighborhood fireworks display negated the need to attend the city's fireworks.  I haven't attended the downtown fireworks since I moved here.  I didn't experience it as a child or a young adult in my suburban neighborhoods.  I like this.
Kinda scary but mostly fun.  As a homeowner it behooved me to stand outside and observe the fireworks. I needed to know who to blame if anything were to happen. 

I asked my neighbor, Carlos* about his military status.  I noticed that he diligently places the American flag outside his home each federal holiday.  He shared with me that his son-in-law served in the Army. He died in Iraq.  Now, I will look at his flag and be reminded of the sacrifices that are made by our serviceman. 

Besides for being extra hot, I enjoyed the holiday weekend.  BTW, when it is 90 degrees, even a bike ride is hot. 

I forgot to mention the shenanigans of the Eastsideneighbors. I will not bother giving them a psuedonym.  If you know anything about the Eastside of any rustbelt city, you know enough.

My housemate Roseanne* took this pic of the eastside neighbors having a tailgate party in their driveway.
They have a backyard. I have seen it.  It is huge.  There is simply no reason to explain the things that they do. 

Time for a garden update.

They are here. The rudbeckia bloomed.
I have tons of it.  If you would like some, come on over.

I feed the birds. Sometimes, I get a sunflower for my troubles.

This little guy appeared among my collard plants on Sunday.  It is a mystery to how he got there.  I do not know what he is doing in the garden.  I hope he is stomping on slugs.  He gave me a fright when I first spied him in the foliage. 

Most of the coneflowers have bloomed.

 I have an ambulatory gnome!  Today, I found him guarding the tomato plants.    I think I will check for him everyday.  He is kinda cute.


suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

a tailgate party??? wut?
nothin' funnier than folk!

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