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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They are here.  I have been watching for my gladiolas for weeks. I planted 75 corns.  I could not locate any of my bulbs from last year.  I am beginning to wonder if I let them stay in the ground. 

These are a lovely color. 
I was excited to see more blooms.

Unfortunately, so was someone else.  There are a lot of little girls on my block.  That means that they like to pick flowers for their mothers.  I have found the only way to discourage them from picking flowers from my garden is to invite them over and permit them to select cuttings for themselves. I guess I was taking too long to extend an invitation because, I have less gladiolas each day when I return home from work.

This is the more of my sedum blooming. 
I swear one day I am going to kill off all the grass and replace it with sedum. 

The cucumbers are exploding out of their cage. 

This sage attracts lots of bees. 


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