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The patience of wool

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I purchased some Ella Rae yarn in 2008.  I finally found a pattern for it in my 2009 Winter
Interweave Crochet 

for the Sunset Ruana.

This is how far I got before it became too warm to work on it.
 I picked it back up earlier this fall.  I finally turned the corner and added the second color.
 This is a picture of my inspiration.

 Interweave Crochet Winter 2009

The berry color is discontinued. Trying to find it online has been very difficult.  This is the heather mauve.

I took these pictures on the floor rug.  
My design is having some geometric troubles.  As you can see the neck opening is not centered. I have a solution for that.
I am thinking the right arm will have an edging on it. When I wrap it around me, I will allow the side with the edging to be on top.  I should be at 86 inches on the right edge but I am 6 inches
short. I will continue to work with the mauve color.  I want the next color to be heather pink Ella Rae Classic Wool Yarn - Lt. Pink Heather
 I am have another wool project in hibernation. I think that I will need it next week when I attend a dance.   I am using the Delta Stitch from
This is Knitpicks yarn.

You will need to turn your head on its side to understand these photos

My 4ft double ended Tunisian hook helps me create amazing articles of clothing. I used to have a book for using it. Now I just wing it.  
I completed the hat and scarf for Trey.  He loved it.  When his father told him that I would be arriving to bring something I made. He shouted "not fair"  still thinking that I only made items for his sister. 


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I *must* get a tunisian hook!! that looks fantastic

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