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The Gnome Home Invasion

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shocking isn't it?

He has invaded my bedroom.
This is the desk that sits in front of my bed. I use it for makeup, for hair styling and in a pinch a dining table. On it sits my TV. In it I gather all of my hair products. There are tons of the stuff. I am a girl after all. It is supposed to be a computer desk. I have repurposed it. It works better as a TV stand/vanity/storage.

The gnome has my glasses out. Perhaps, he perused the summer issue of Real Simple magazine. I only ordered the ad dominated magazine for a school fundraiser. That girl down the street is so cute.

Or maybe, the gnome completed some light calisthenics with the one pound weights. I personally use them while walking on my rebounder when I am not knitting and walking on my rebounder.

You stopped reading didn't you? You have no idea what I am referencing.

A rebounder is a mini trampoline. If you are as amazing as I am, you can walk or jog on the rebounder while crocheting or knitting. I use my project bag to hold the project and relieve any pressure that the rebounder would create while bouncing. I used to watch TV and rebound. I felt that I was wasting time. Today, I can complete a WIP and work up a sweat in one motion.

Urban Rebounding Workout

I see that my "Bus Stop Crimson" nail polish has caught his attention. I feel pretty sexy when wearing that shade of red. I would take a picture of my toes for you but I am in need of a pedicure.

In the back, the tin of Lavender scented lotion bar from my favorite vendor, Natural Bathtime Essentials.

He would do best to leave it alone.

Well, I guess his presence in my bedroom means that he has left the garden for the Fall. I will watch him show up in various locations around the house. I just hope that he wipes his feet.


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

now I'm worried....
he wants to use your red nail varnish?? that is so *not* his colour...

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