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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have been completing projects for other people since the new year. More specifically for Other People's Kids. Other people's cute little girls.

I have not had an OPK post in some time. There was some blog fodder immediately after Giftmas but I lost the chance.

Actually, I need to rant.
If you remember, this winter I had surgery and Cousin L took advantage of my convalescence to drop off his kids (a few times).
Lil T and Trey enter my home and drop off their various Christmas toys from which they could not detach themselves while with me. Surprise Surprise.
Trey had his pocket gaming device and a book bag of action figures.  Lil T trails behind him carrying a box and dragging a barbie doll by its tangle hair.
I take the box from her and ask, "What's this." She informs me, "It's an Easy Bake Oven, Daddy said that you would help me with it."
"Did he......"
The box had not been opened at all. This man. This relative of mine. This father. Had made a promise to his little girl that I would help her bake her first cake.
I was honored and pissed at the same time.
Now, I had to include into our activities for the evening - bake time.

First thing that I do is check the box for the needed parts.
I asked Lil T if her father had packed a light bulb. She indicated that he had not.
Every former little girl (that was like me) knows that an Easy Bake Oven in NOT plug and bake.
Some set up is required.
Most importantly, a LIGHT BULB.

No one taught that to my single parent father Cousin L.

The toy did not require any old light bulb. It required a 100 Watt bulb.
Who has those anymore?
I certainly did not.
I checked the kitchen drawer where I keep all my extra bulbs.
All of them CFL
I checked all the light fixtures.
Nope. All of them CFL or lower wattage.

I read a few weeks ago that the Easy Bake Oven may go the way of the
Polaroid camera; if those hippy lawmakers have their way. This video explains it all

What I want you to understand is that I could not bear to look at the face of an 8 year old girl after I shared with her that I did not have the correct parts to operate her Easy Bake Oven. HER FIRST EASY BAKE OVEN.
I shake my fist at all those MALE lawmakers who fail to see the relationship between a 100 watt bulb and a future cook. 
And I shake my fist at my Cousin L for not warning me about the damn toy. (Well I did when it happened back in December)
So we donned our winter coats and boots to search for a 100 watt light bulb. While it snowed outside. On a cold winter day. And I had no cash on me. And my tank was 1/4 full. 

Once we had the oven assembled with the correct parts, we made several cookie cakes. I was so exhausted from their fighting and baking cakes, that I let them eat their sweets on my bedspread. I was finding crumbs for days. But at least she has the memory of the first time. 
I am a wonderful person.

A few weeks ago, Facebook suggested that I stalk some of my sister's old photo albums. I happened upon the album titled "Easter." I obliged FB's command and clicked. How could I ignore it?
Wal-MartI was shocked,
To see my two year old niece using a plastic shopping bag to gather her Easter eggs back in 2010. I immediately called my sister to share my incredulity with her.
How could she permit this to not only happen but to commemorate it in a FB album. 
A shopping bag
The tumbleweeds of the Urban  city.
She laughed at me and suggested that I send her a basket for this year.
I did more than that.

I used a technique called "rag crochet." I cut 2.5 inch strips of nursery patterned fabric, joined the strips, and then crocheted the longer strips with a large sized hook. 
She loves it. I hear that she had already filled it "full of crap." 

Not long ago, Ambriel's ten year old daughter peeks around the corner. I ask her to come into the office. She looks at her hands and asks me if I would make for her a slouching beanie cap.
It had to be blue to match her coat. Again, I could not say no to that precious face.  After she looked up at me, that is.
She had been jealous because I had make a scarf for her little brother. I found the pattern in Crochet! magazine and had fun with itThis is the result. I had this Araucania Ulmo Multy yarn, that was mostly blue. I think the colors in the cotton yarn will make a great spring hat for her. .

Now that I have done three good deeds for three little girls, I am making a shawl to wear at work.
No matter the season, the office has the chill. I would rather avoid a space heater under my desk. I am making the 
Lightning Shawl by Frankie Brown in a variegated acrylic yarn. Another reason, why it is best not to have a space heater in the office.  My progress so far.
My HOAR ♥ bead marker is courtesy of SeeJayneKnits.


Mary's Sharing Space said...

You are a good Auntie...I agree, I purchased a Crayola Crayon maker for my daughters and then had to go on a search for a special bulb for it. Making your neice a basket, simply wonderful. She will treasure that basket. Where did you find that pattern (I'll have to check your page on ravelry), I think I should make one for my neice. The hat is also wonderful! Thanks for all the great ideas.

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I developed the pattern from memory. I have a pamphlet on rag crochet. I will dig it up and make sure it is on rav

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

ahhh first time baking! awesome!

The_First_30_years said...

cousin L wasn't there when you needed him, yet you still were there for him! you are a good cousin!

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