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Sigh! Different day, same question

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My grandfather passed away last month. The repast was held at my grandmother's home.
Oh joy for me

When everyone exhausts talking about Grandpa, his life and his death they look around for something else to talk about.

There is the casino issue on November's ballot.
There is the mayoral race.
Micheal Jackson conversations never seem to go away.
Just as the conversation picks up there is a distraction.
Some toddler runs into the room, plops down on the floor and starts crying.
That is when relatives notice that I still am motherless.


"Frizzy, when are you going to have kids?"
"By accident"

Then there is my younger cousin by ten years who is also brazenly childless.
She is asked the same set of questions.

"Nikki, when are you going to have kids?"
"After Frizzy."

You would have thought that we planned our counterattacks.

If only that would stop the teasing. Teasing, seriously they older women in the family tease us for being motherless. I don't understand.

My grandmother seemed to enjoy listing off and pointing out each of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren ranging from 38 to 16 months. I enjoyed pointing out that she has plenty for now.

A few weeks later, Dude visits me.
He surprises me with this gift.

Images taken from here, you can order your own clock.

I was so upset that I called my mother to let her know that I was dating a wacko.
After describing the clock and its packaging she says, "well, you aren't getting younger."

I felt betrayed. I thought we had an agreement. She wouldn't bother me about kids and I wouldn't bother her about her recipes.

So I guess I am going after that sweet potato pie recipe after all.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

pass on the recipe! I'll post you one of my kids, that way you don't get the grief from your relatives nor do you get stretch marks

deltapurl said...

I am going to use that 'by accident' reply....I love it.

My favorite response to kids and marriage is 'the day after neveruary'

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