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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I opened by medicine cabinet the other day and saw this.

I have a collection of floss given to me by the dental hygienist every six months.

I am thinking I should just admit laziness and refuse the small packets.
This picture represents 3 years.

The truth is that I use the Reach Flosser since the hygienist gave it to me two years ago. 
I pick up the refills from grocer stores. They work for me. Floss does not. I simply do not enjoy putting my fingers in my mouth.
I know where they have been.
I use the flosser about once a month.

I am making little progress on the felted purse I am making for my niece.

I had this KnitPicks Andes Wool yarn in my stash.  I am not sure that I like the way the shaping has developed. I only have one more skein of the hot pink remaining. I will probably need more.  Sigh. She needs a new purse since the Easter Basket I made for her broke due to her misapplication of its purpose as a purse. Little girls want purses like their mommas, I guess.

Disappointments aside, I have a new toy.
It is a 40 pair shoe organizer.
Isn't it lovely?
Less shoes all over the floor of the closet and my bedroom.
It is coincidence that I would get this when I have pledged to purchase no new shoes until I pay off the Capital One card. It just means that all the shoes will fit. The new toy has convinced me to look at shoes that need to be donated, trashed or fixed.  I have the coolest pair of 4 inch mules made out of jean fabric.
I wear heels less often due to the introduction of a bunion.
My sister laughed when I called to tell her about it. I told her to keep living.
Time will tell... Our great grandmother had them. Our grandfather and his siblings have them. Our mother has them.
Time and genetics are on my side. I can wait her out. I think I will send her a care package for her 36th birthday with a night time bunion splint.

I saw a podiatrist who suggested that I take a new look at my running shoes since I noticed the pain in my toe after I started jogging on the mini-tramp. I switched to a different style of shoe and I don't have as much pain or discomfort. I also found inserts for my older shoes. A friend suggested that I begin wearing a pair to the office or where ever I am headed and then changing to the heels. I have to admit I have less annoyance when wearing running shoes for the 5 minute walk from my car to the basement office.
So I am adjusting and I can still wear heels when I desire them and a place to store them.

The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson) 
Probably from bunion pain....


Anonymous said...

Oh, the arrogance of the young! "Just you wait, young lady"!

The bag is looking great and I hope you find enough yarn to finish it.

Mary said...

I had to laugh at your comment that you could wait for her. I gave up heels a long time ago (after having a file drawer fall on my already broken and casted foot and the nerve damage screamed that they were not to be part of my life). But I have an advantage...I am tall and I really don't need heels, but my sisters feel they have to wear heels (they are short). I think the bag looks wonderful, don't forget to double stitch the handle so that it stays in place when she tries to carry too much in it.

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