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Friday, June 10, 2011

I admit it.
I crochet and knit in public. 
My niece graduated a few weeks ago. I am sitting in the stands in 90 degree weather waiting for the ceremony to begin. You can see that I have already begun my knitting project. It was on my lap and make of acrylic.

Here I am walking with my newly graduated niece to meet the rest of the family. Note the bag of knitting for public display.

Yes, it sometimes puts my friends off. Fortunately, I also hear comments like "I am used to it."
I take my crochet and knitting just about everywhere.

I tend to drift off during meetings and trainings. I have found that if I keep my hands busy under the table, I can pay attention for longer periods. Sometimes memories of what I have learned or experienced become associated with the project that I created. I think the psychologists call that a memory trigger.
Sadly, there have been a few items that I have created with memories that I wanted out of my house.  Forcing me to give the item away.

I rarely put my knitting away to ease the discomfort of other people. I can craft in moving cars, trains, and while walking in the park. I can refuse any request to "Make me something" without dropping a stitch.  I can stop at anytime, too. It is not an addiction. I just choose to do it wherever I am.

I can sit and craft without complaint for almost an hour. Add in some beer or wine and I need to pull it back to 30 minutes.  Place chocolate in front of me and I am putting it away completely.


mary said...

I am with you. I do not see a problem with knitting or crocheting in public. It is a great conversation starter.

Ari said...

Timeliness isn't my thing, so it's taken a while, but you are the WINNER of the Name Contest. I found you the most entertaining and can't get it out of my head. I emailed your gmail about what's next.

Anonymous said...

I read when I have time to kill, so I completely understand taking your knitting and crocheting along with you everywhere. Those little bits of time add up. And really, as long as you're still prioritizing chocolate over crafting, your 'addictions' are lined up properly. ;O)

Anonymous said...

90 degree heat and working with acrylic - how did you not spontaneously combust?!

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