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Friday, June 17, 2011

Not too long ago, I arrived late to my weekly knitting group. As I pulled off my jacket one of the gals exclaims,
"I am always the last to know."

I was startled by the excitement in her voice. I did not know what she meant until she said in a much softer tone,
"I see that you are expecting."
I replied just as quietly, "no, I am just fat."

I should get a t-shirt.

And that began my serious consideration for changing my diet and routine to lose some weight.

I started the Fat Smash diet back in February. It went well for the first three phases. Then one day, during a sorority event, someone pulled out a package of Reese's Eggs. I lost it.
I ate so many of those delicious peanut butter filled eggs that there was no turning back. By the third phase I had stopped paying attention to the diet. Needless to admit, I did not finish the diet.
So long control.
Hello Reese's Cups. I started putting them in my lunch box to control the urges.
I found that my lack of control for the delicious treats remained even when I tried to ration them.
I simply must stay away from them.

Fortunately, some of the Fat Smash diets habits remained.
I still take small bags of carrots to work everyday. I still try to make a salad for dinner every night with chicken or a crab cake. I make large rice dishes that I divide out for my daily lunches. I add fish, chicken or beans for the protein.

I did lose a few inches and about 8 pounds. Then nothing.
I have decided to take up jogging. More importantly, I decided to embark on a 5k training schedule.
I have learned something pretty funny.
At the gym, I used the indoor track to practice my run/walk intervals. Of course, I am sharing the track with amateur athletes. The downside of working at a college and using the gym. I am surrounded by beautiful people.
Younger beautiful people.
During one of my running intervals I noticed that the lithe young man wearing the "Panther CC" shirt walked faster than I could jog. I mentioned this to him.

It probably isn't a good idea to converse with people on the indoor track. The young man almost tripped over himself with laughter into a group of pack joggers. 
My jogging style is called slogging. Watch this video explaining it.

Slow Motion Jogging - watch more funny videos

More updates to follow. 

And the count down to turning forty begins - see below


Sandy said...'re so much younger then me. I don't remember caring much when I hit 40, I remember being bummed when I hit 35 and 50 and the big one after that I really tried to ignore; though people wouldn't let me.

Good luck with the diet and the exercise. I ran long ago, then decided I liked walking better. I read walking is just as good for you, and in fact better on your joints. When you're my age you'll wish you were kinder to your joints.


Rozaroni said...

That video? Is full of win!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I walked all of last summer. It was extremely boring. I can jog on my minitramp but that is boring too.

Lorraine Cipriano said...

The video was hysterical- especially the sumo wrestler at the end- LOL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh. Do your own thing. Jog or do not there is no try. Or something.

Nora said...

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