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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I not only did I find today's blog title in my spam folder, it comes from Subway.

Rain,my roommate may be moving out. I will miss her.  I will miss her.
I will miss her. I will miss her.

But she needs to go and take the damn kitten with her.

Halle is raising hell in my house.
She likes to play with the doors around 6 in the morning. Her play causes the doors to rock back and forth as if the wind were moving it or someone was knocking on the door.
It took two mornings for me to realize that Halle as using the door as a toy and my roommate was not knocking on the door then running out of the house.

And she has caused so much destruction. This is the dwarf snake plant that I inherited from an old roommate.  The entire pot had been full of the plants. Now..... I pulled out a few of the rhizomes and potted them in pots that are kept higher than her launching reach.

Which leads me to this picture of Fuzzy (formerly known as Little Cat). Halle terrorizes her so much she can only find peace by jumping into high spaces.

Halle pretends to innocently look for ants. She is actually waiting for Fuzzy's defenses to calm down. As soon as she drops from the bar stool, Halle will chase Fuzzy throughout the house.

Their "play" as my roommate describes it has led to so much destruction.
This used to be a brown wall below the window. Halle likes to try to sit in the window sills like Fuzzy. Her efforts to climb herself onto the ledge are recorded in my wall.  She must do everything that Fuzzy can do. Sadly, she is still a kitten and her efforts damage my house.


I dare you to caption that picture on the LOLcats website.
My college graduation photo. I think she chased Fuzzy into jumping onto the hutch to be rid of her. I kept this photo in its frame on the hutch. The hutch stands 5 feet high. The picture is stuck to the glass. I fear that it is forever ruined.
My jade plant. I nipped a bit of this plant from my father's plant at his house last Thanksgiving. He laughed at me when I did it. Dad sinformed me that it would not grow unless I took some of his super special soil mix. Meh. I stuck it in a pot and it grew wonderfully until Halle cat learned to leap the two feet needed to sit on the TV cabinet.

And finally the floor lamp that until recently had a glass half globe shade .I have had this lamp and its shade through 3 apartments and now my house.
I should retire this lamp but the living room needs the light. I am going to look for a replacement floor lamp with a cloth shade next month or so. Until then, I am still in mourning.

Fortunately, I have fresh strawberries from the yard to make some strawberry lemonade (plus rum) to comfort me while I give Halle cat the side eye.


Chantelle said...

Oh dear!!

I feel a bit better about my own kitten woes now... (We got a kitten in April, and haven't slept through the night at home since. Last night he was pushing our giant bottles of shampoo/conditionere off of the ledge and into the tub.)

Luckily, he hasn't done any permanent damage (yet!) We are getting him fixed in a few months and I'm told that it will calm him down too.

Does your roommates kitten get much attention? One of the biggest things that I've noticed searching the internet trying to figure out how to train cats, etc. is that most behavioural problems are a result of lack of attention. (Re: They really want attention and learn that they get it when they are bad, so the behaviour continues).

Anonymous said...

She is definitely the most playful kitten I've ever run across. She has a toybox, literally, and she will drag toys up and down the stairs, in and out of the house/porch. I play with her as much as I can and she sleeps with me every night...she's just extra rambunctious I think! I am hoping that when she is old enough to be fixed and declawed that it will help to settle her down some. But don't let Frizzy fool you, Halle Cat is ridiculously adorable when she is playing and scampering around! :)

The Frizzy Hooker said...

If you can't tell Anon is Rain. She doesn't mention that Halle cat ate my aloe vera plant. That Halle cat has bells that she plays with at 6 a.m. and that that damn cat likes to sit on the litter box when Fuzzy is using it.
She gets plenty of attention.....

Schip said...

All of this strikes me as hilarious. I will be looking forward to meeting this crazy cat when I visit.

Anonymous said...

Need a new, tiny, fur coat? (in case anyone reading this doesn't know my sense of humour, I'm deadly seriously) ;)

Sandy said...

Whew...and that is why I LOVE not having pets. They really do damage alot of things in the house and I don't want to put up with it. Besides I don't need pets, the neighborhood is over run with them. I did a count one day and realized there are more pets on the street then humans! That's wrong in my book. All but one of the dogs annoys me, they bark and carrying on for no good reason, and their owners ignore them. Good luck getting everything fixed and replaced. If you get another roommate, I hope she doesn't bring an animal with.

Can you scan your picture, reprint and frame?

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