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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am going to try a new type of blogging. Random nature blogging...... Here goes....

I bought my house three years ago. Very funny business, owning a home. So many things that go wrong. I have battled with my lawn just trying to get it to grow. I have dealt with crab grass in 2005 and grub worms in 2006. This year is THE YEAR. This year is my year. I will have a luxurious lawn. Mark my words. Even though I think that the green lawn is the most absurd pursuit of modern culture. And I have horrible allergies. And I promise never to mow my own lawn.... Yet, It will grow for me this year.

With that goal in mind my life has finally slowed down enough to get into the yard. My first task was to find someone to cut the grass. You should see my lawn. It is mostly filled in. Where it is not you will find bare patches. I stared and followed the bare patches and realized they are shaped like tracks. Tracks of the lawn mower or maybe the grass spreader. So, I probably should not use the spreader to reseed the lawn.

Saturday I began my lawn care duties. First, I cleaned out the garage which was bittersweet. About 45 cannas froze in my garage this winter killing all of them. I was hurt. I love those cannas and had planned to give some away to friends. I carefully dug them up last summer, placed them in peat moss, dusted them with powder to prevent fungus and stored them in the garage. I used the cannas to make a living privacy fence for my northside neighbor. I wanted to use the cannas to create a living fence for two more sides of neighbors this year. On the south side is the big rotweiller that barks whenever someone passes and the kids that keep losing their basketball in my yard but will not hop the fence and get it.

Isn’t that the silliest thing? They just leave the ball in my yard as if it no longer exists to them. Or it has disappeared. When I see them I say “hey did you lose a ball?” Junior says something like, “Let me check. ….” He goes to some imaginary place in his garage to check for his basketball and returns to admit that it is his ball. Sometimes the ball is just sitting in the middle of my yard. Like they didn’t see it fly into my yard when they missed the basket hoop. ONCE the ball was there for days. I didn't let the grass get that long.

The neighbors to the west are a mixed bag. My back property borders two neighbors. On my side the previous owners had permitted mulberry trees to grow unchecked. The neighbors would trim the trees and throw the cuttings into my yard. Finally, I had someone cut the trees down but as you know the people that I hire tend to do a half ass job. So the trees keep making new branches. This winter I drilled holes into the bases of the trees and filled the hole with salt. Doesn’t that sound crazy? I found the idea on the Net as a way to kill mulberry trees. It did not work. I have living mulberry trees despite my poisoning attempts and dead Cannas despite my careful storage.

After cleaning the garage, I inspected the yard for flowers that needed replacement. My mums looks shabby. There are ants all over my peonies. I don’t know where these ants have come from. So of course I looked it up on Yahoo! Search and ants are peonies are a good thing. Who knew that I like Haiku....

Thirsty ants cover
The succulent peony
Hungry for nectar

~Lucy Aegerter

Well anyway i need to find a dependable person to cut the lawn. As you know that has been an impossible task for me. Last year, I thought I had an arrangement but the piled up newspapers made the young entrepenuer think that i had moved away.

Thank goodness northside Neighbor cut down her very ugly tree. Now there is more light in both our yards so we decided to buy 2 cubic yards of mulch together. If I can only get South Neighbor to cut his hideous tree that dangerously looms over my house threatening to slap it silly during all windstorms.

There’s the patches of dirt in the yard, the crabgrass, weeds and dog poo. Yuck. I see the little neighborhood girl walking her dog as she lets him do his business in my northern neighbors yard, I shout to her “do you have a pooper scooper for that dog?”

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At that point I decided to finish up in the house and make a to do list for the next day.


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