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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Send Pizza

Well, I took two weeks off of work in the middle of a heat wave. So many things I wanted to share with you. All the things that I did. All of the very funny observations that I made

Like---- Why do men like to use the basement commode rather than the regular bathroom. My father whenever he comes to visit makes a beeline for the basement bathroom. It is pretty ordinary. One toilet. A utility sink. A shower. He seems to prefer it. Always has. What is with that????

I want to tell you about my trip to Milwaukee WI where I drank beer and my traveling friends searched for a strap for a pair of sunglasses.

I will tell you about the To Do list that was not completed.

Then there is the My Cripple Me Crochet project that had to be put on hold. The wood stripping project that ruined my back – put me on the couch for two days…..

I would like to share with you what happens when I am on vacation and start hanging out with my neighbors who have a brother-in-law boarder that has a crush on me.

There is of course the book reading list that I completed during the two weeks.

Or the humiliation that I endured because I still use a regular camera.

The vegetables that burned in the sun. Or the tomatillo plant that has taken over my tomato patch. Never saw a tomatillo plant before. I was talked into buying this by the greenhouse lady.

Tomate Verde  TOMATILLO  .09g seed, USDA Certified Organic 48102

So many events that I would like to share

IN DUE TIME because right now I am totally irritated.

Out of sorts


My soul aches.

Why? Because today, while home eating lunch…..

My dynaflat, widescreen HD ready television mysteriously shut off and has yet to turn back on..

I am so upset I just ate an entire thin crust vegetarian large pizza – unashamed.

I will have to make a decision: get it fixed or buy a new one. I hear that the prices have gone down considerably. I still have working TV’s from college (18 years ago) and graduate school (14 YEARS AGO) yet this one did not last four years. They were original RCAs (before it was sold) and the TVs got crappy. Not sure how they are made now because I will not buy an RCA.

What gives? Isn’t it funny that as technology becomes more complicated we have lower tolerance for failure. For example, if the toilet breaks you call a plumber and you don’t complain about it. But if the computer breaks – a much more sophisticated machine – you complain, write letters, vow to never buy that brand again and if you are like me you write a blog about it.

Maybe I will just forget about a new TV and visit the neighbors more.


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