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Thursday, August 9, 2007

So here we are, Day 4 without a TV

I have been trying to write a new blog post for two days. I have had some adventure.

On Wednesday I had four events to orchestrate. First, I promised to meet with my aunt and uncle to give to them my dining room table. I realized they did not have one when I went to visit a few weeks back. Later, I promised to meet a friend moving out of town to buy and pick up her table. That was the heavy stuff. A friend was celebrating the one-year anniversary of her 30th B-day at the local margarita restaurant and I promised her that I would drink at least one margarita with her. And finally, I had promised my neighbor that I would drive her to the movies.

The last item is the most interesting. Apparently, when I was visiting with my neighbors last Saturday drinking margaritas made with 1800 and taking kamikaze shots I made this promise to be the driver. The movie we were seeing was Superbad… I promise you that had I been sober, there is no way I would have made that promise. I had no plans to see Superbad. Potty humor is not my favorite genre. It was funny but it would have been funnier at home on cable.

I was able to complete two of the four tasks. Picked up the new table on Thursday and by the time the movie was over the B-day anniversary party was also over. I didn’t really need more margaritas, I guess.

After I got the new table on Thursday, I went to dancing lessons. I convinced my blind date to meet me there. I guess it wasn’t really a blind date since I had chatted with him a few times on the IM. Anyway, we met at the place and found ourselves in the slow section of the class. Ha. Funny stuff.

Back to the TV

I called the store about the warranty and was informed that since my TV was 26” I could bring it into the service center. I remarked, “Seriously? You want me to bring it in?” I asked about the charge for in-home service. He told me, one hundred and five dollars and suggested that renew the warranty with an in-home option because it would probably be cheaper than in-home service under the current warranty.

They always lie…… Always try to reel me in by promising me the world. And I fall for it every time.

The more than $400 price tag for the upgraded multi-year warranty was outrageous. I am convinced that it was more than the original cost of the TV without the original warranty. I remarked to the agent that the competitor had TV’s for sale in Sunday’s circular for about the same price. She reminded me that this was a multi-year in home warranty good for parts and labor.

I informed her again that for the same price I could have a new TV with a new warranty. She gave me the price of a 2 year warranty for almost $300, I told her it just didn’t’ seem reasonable to spend that much money on a warranty. I decided to tell my nephew that I needed help getting the TV to the store in order to get it fixed and promised to pay him for his trouble. He needs some extra cash and has called me everyday wanting to “help me” get the TV into my car.

He always says, “When do you want me to help you take the TV to the store?” I keep saying, “When it isn’t pouring rain outside.” Even so, he has yet to call when it is not raining. Maybe when it is raining he is reminded of how bored and broke he is and that is why he calls.


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