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Monday, June 16, 2008


I attended the Toledo Mud Hens Stitch and Pitch

This has been one difficult blog entry. That is mean in the back. To the right of the lady in blue and behind the lady in orange. yes, the brown face.

I was working on the Geisha Wrap pattern that I found lying on the table at Fiberworks. I didn't care for the Colinette yarn prices so I created my own assortment. I changed the pattern into tunisian crochet for my own sanity. it is quite nice. I switched seed stitch to moss stitch. I will post a picture.

I am participating in a magic ball yarn swap. It is so much fun. I have been gathering items from all over using the LYS, Ebay and Etsy to pull it together. I can not wait until the yarn ball is complete.


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I have been doing this since before October 2005 The original blog is lost forever, thanks Yahoo!

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