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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Okay the last few days I have been awaking with frozen limbs. Sometimes it is my right arm sometimes it is the left. I have no idea what I am doing in my sleep but I am definitely not lying in the same position or even on the same diagonal on the bed. My cat does not sleep with me anymore. When I wake she is no where to be found. I am kicking her out. I guess it does not help that my alarm clock hates me. I probably should not crochet an hour before going to bed. I am sure it is somehow the reason for my zombie limbs. I have been trying to complete my altered Geisha Wrap.

This morning it read 7:50 am. I turned on the TV, because by now I suspected that the clock had lost its objectivity. It was 5:17 am. Sugarbear!!!!

The alarm had been running for about 20 minutes before I awoke to cancel it. It all made sense to me. I never look at that clock during the day. I keep it on a side of the bed that requires me to reach for it. I use the TV to for time. There had been some days when I could not recall the alarm at all. I had set up a second alarm – as a late alarm. Thank goodness that I did. I do not think that there is any clock in my house that is correct except the Oven’s clock. Due to daylight savings time, for some clocks I just do not bother.

Even so, it is time for a new clock.

I do wish that other upcoming deadlines would push back. Due to an oversight, I will not be paid for 24 hours next paycheck. So much for more yarn. Fortunately, I will get the lost hours later in July around my birthday with the new raise included. Yeah!


Chet Of The Undead said...

James Brown? HA! ;)

I swear if there was anyone in this world who could be considered human walking freakin' energy (or maybe perhaps human CRACK) he was it! :P :)

Miss the lil'bugger! B)

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