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Friday, June 27, 2008

I can't explain it. Tuesday, I found dried animal poo on my driveway as I headed toward the garage. I was angry but I ignored it. I could not imagine how it got there. Even if a dog had pooed in my driveway it would not have walked a few yards and pooed a second time. And the poo would not have dried out overnight. It was not that hot.
Wednesday it rained and the dried animal poo was not. It had flies buzzing around it and I shouted "Who is throwing poop in my driveway?" No one answered.
Thursday I went to check my balcony for the source of the leak and found a mound of poo that looked as if it had been shaped into a ball. It was on the edge of the balcony as if it had been thrown there. I asked the neighbor kids if they were throwing poo at my balcony.

They suggested that it was squirrel poo. Considering the size of the average squirrel, if it had been squirrel poo that would mean it extruded about 1/3 its body mass.
They suggested rabbit poo. It was 500% the size of on rabbit turd. Finally Junior says that his sister is really a monkey and she is always throwing her poo around. He apologized for her.
So much for asking the children.
I called my neighbor and sent an email to the other one to ask if they had noticed anything odd.
Apparently the scenario has entertained my neighbor's friends so much she posted the audio of my voicemail onto Youtube

The going theory is that I have bad karma


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