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My Happy Valentine

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I zoomed home to open my Love Bite Swap Package

I opened it and saw pink.

Then I saw chocolate. Yummy, chocolate.
And More Chocolate. And non-allergenic bath stuff.
And essential oils. And yarns. Chocolate candy.

And cocoa. A cool journal. And a fantastically cool cup. I love cocoa. It is comfort food during the winter blahs. But how did my swap partner know that? And how did she know that I would like a coffee mug with a cool phrase on it. My current favorite mug reads, "You can agree with me or you can be wrong." My new favorite mug (that she sent to me) reads, "Coffee, tea or me." She did not overtly focus on the vampire angle, which is what I wanted. I love it. She gave me post it notes that perfectly fit in my little note holder that has been empty for months while I found the correct size. How did she know that?
The Lindt chocolate freaking melts in my mouth. I think I could forgo men and just eat Lindt chocolate for the rest of my life.


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