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When a Hooker gets Sticky

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My knitting update. This is what happens when a good hooker goes all sticky.

I would like to write about the great kettle issue. I received the bestest yarn in a Cancer Swap last July. This is what I it looked like when I wound it. The two larger balls did look different but I attributed that to the technique.

I went to the website and found this swatch for the colorway
. As you can see it looks different than the wound balls.

I didn't know what to think. It was my first skein of kettle dyed yarn.

I finally found a pattern that I wanted to use and I thought that I had plenty of yarn for it. I selected the Dummy Clap. Of course, being a newer knitter I grossly underestimated.

So, I used my handy google skills and ordered two new skeins in the same colorway.

This is what I received. Looks a little different, right?Kinda like it doesn't freaking match at all. right?
Where the original skeins were purple this is lilac. Where it was orange - this is lemon . Magenta becomes rose. Satisfaction becomes Nightmare. What am I to do?
People dared me to start a thread the Ravelry Big 6 about the dangers of kettle dyed yarn. I didn't accept those dares.

It was suggested that I frog the 30 inches I have so far and restart using all 4 skeins at once. As a newer knitter that mortifies me.

So, I went on UK sites and ordered 3 skeins of the yarn in the equivalent colorway. I am hoping that the UK sites have the darker version. If not, I will have a total of seven. Somehow I know this not going to work in my favor.

And this the year that I was going to be prepared for my mother's birthday and have her gift sent to her early.

I should have just crocheted it. It would have run out a lot sooner.

The colorways from England are an exact match! The colorway for the states had two notations for the colorway (704 and 668). The ones from the UK had one (668). I matched the second set of numbers and it was perfect.

I would also like to mention that CableFreak has honored me with my very own colorway!


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it's never a good idea to be organised!

KnittingReader said...

Wow! Your colorway is beautiful. And good luck with the knitting.

Anonymous said...

I think the piece is looking good so far, but I don't have much experience with kettle dyed yarns either. I just finished a project with some, and even though it was from the same lot, I obviously got a skein that was a tab bit lighter than the rest. And yes, I ran out too, but I didn't even bother to order more. Since it was just a sleeve left over, I went with a totally different color all together.

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