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Economic Crisis?

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Economy

So this month everyone wants my money.

I received an email from my student loan agency indicating that they want the equivalent of a car loan in payment next month. Right. They can take my car first.
I got a call from the pharmacy, my super special medicine's copay is now 25% of the total cost rather than twenty-five dollars. The end result is a cost the rivals a standard car lease note. This is monthly.

Remember the quote for the new garage door panels was $440 and I learned that the garage roof is leaking.
I just paid off the $200 allergist bill from 2008 and apparently I failed to pay the water bill last quarter.

So,everyone wants my money. Money, that I would love to give. I figure the less that I have the less others will ask for.

It makes perfect sense to me.

I have decisions to make. Do I continue to take the medicine and request a lowered student loan payment? Do I replace the garage door panels and ignore the leaking roof?
Do I stop taking my allergy shots and take more allergy meds? Do I pay the water bill or see how long before they shut it off?

Do I start making scarves and sell them to raise money?
Do I use my income tax refund to pay off the evil Bank of American bill or the furniture bill or get the new garage door?

Well, in the midst of thinking about all of these tough personal economic decision I get a long letter from JCPenneys in the mail. It is not a bill. So I open it with hesitation. Did I go over my limit after my salon visit and purchases of now 300ct sheets?
More bad news, i think. But no. This is what it read.

Am I missing something?

In the corner you can see the note I wrote. I hung it on the fridge so that my housemate could see it.
I have friends that have been informed by their credit card companies that they risk higher interest rates if they keep their accounts open. I just do not get it.

I have already diverted my yarn money to my salon budget. I figure that for 2009 healthy hair takes precedence to increasing my yarn stash. I rethink that decision every month.
I am trying to pay off bills so that I can totally dedicate my finances to paying back student loans not to go on spending sprees at my favorite department store.

As for updates on my crafty projects, I still haven't finished the Dummy Clapotis for my mother. Actually I haven't finished anything since February.


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