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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yesterday I unveiled to Denise the baby sleeper that I am making for our friend Nada.
It is a lovely shade of teal with contrasting celery in soft acrylic.

Hisss. I know what you are thinking. Acrylic is bad for baby clothes because it melts.
I ask you. In what fombing universe are you in where roaring flames are near infants?
Unless my friend plans to dry the sleeper over an fire pit with her son still in it, I don't see the danger.

Denise says, "you better complete that quickly. He will be big for it by the time it is done."
I was puzzled. I had followed the instructions for a 3-6 month sized sleeper.
I selected worsted weight yarn and used a size seven needle as recommended by the designer. It couldn't be too small.

I reviewed the instructions and decided to test the gauge.

The gauge was perfect.

I didn't understand why everyone in my office felt the sleeper would be too small. I had done everything correctly.

Then I saw it.

Gauge: I worked the gauge swatch for the 4-8 lb size only
22 sts and 30 rows= 4” in Stockinette St on size 6 needles

Apparently, I am a tight knitter because on the thicker yarn and larger needle I still maintained the smaller size. So I have a sleeper for a newborn and NOT a 3-6 month old.

I almost cried.
I cursed knitting.

After speaking to a random person who I stopped in the hallway to demand that she tell me her opinion regarding the baby weight limitations of the sleeper, I decided to continue the preemie/newborn sleeper and donate it to a ministry or a ward.

You know the old saying.


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