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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have no real topic today.
Just some Homeowner stuff
Things are pretty normal.

I am keeping a careful eye on my peonies. This year, I expect them to be grand. I moved them from the backyard in 2005 after I discovered them. Whomever had been caring for the lawn before I purchased the house, had been mowing them down.
Of course, I have never been concerned with a well maintained lawn and I discovered them after a long break from cuttings. And people think there is nothing to be gained from ignoring your lawn.
They have been doing well in the front yard except for the two that are cursed with shade from the neighbor’s hideous tree. I send eye daggers at that tree every day. One day it will die for me.

I have to figure out how to lay the grub killer down without killing the ants that I need to force the peonies to open. I panicked last year. I didn’t realize that the grub killer pellets murdered ants, grasshoppers and beetles, too. There was no insect life at all for weeks.

I was devastated for days until they finally showed up
This is what they look like.

Last fall, I transplanted my grandfather’s peony bush to my front yard. Despite my grandmother’s doubt, the peony is pushing up through the ground. She should have more faith in me. Grandpa has dementia. He seems to think that he mows the lawn and trims back his bushes regularly. But he really sits in his lazy-boy all day watching Westerns on their 19 inch. I couldn’t bear to let his beautiful bushes die from neglect or from some overzealous lawncare company. Unfortunately, when I went to their house to check on the original, I could not find it. I hope that I did not accidentally kill his 30 year old bush in my desire to have a little of him at my house.

If it were not for spring flowers and birds I would hate spring. I would hate the constant rain. I would hate the cold nights and dreary days. I do not look forward to taking my allergy eye drops, loratadine or Benadryl more frequently.
The purple crocuses are first followed by blue scillia and yellow daffodils. As they die off, the tulips are readying themselves for their presentation and the peonies and irises are stretching their stems towards the spring sun. I love the spring for this reason.

I love checking on the flowers before heading off to work. I love that my campus has gardens everywhere for me to enjoy.

I just hate the sneezing. I hate being cold. I am sick of having to flat iron my hair from rain. My shoes get dirty from stepping in mud and I still need to apply the crab grass killer on dry soil.

Spring. Whatever

Crafty Updates
I am almost complete with my geisha wrap. It refuses to remain on my shoulders when I wear it. Apparently, I did not check the width properly or it was designed for a defensive lineman.

I have tried edging it was a smaller sized hook but I am still working it out. I will probably have to ask my crafting friends to help me fix it. Or give it to my best friend with broader shoulders. She gets more gifts from me that way.

This year my goal is to complete all 2008 FO’s. The geisha wrap will be the first. Then I will complete the red and white granny square. Joy and more work for me.

On the Other People's Kids report
Tonight I got a call from Tinky, Lilt and Trey's mom.
She began by saying, "We do not have any hot water."
I had no idea what to expect after that opening. I paused. Why was she calling me? I am not a plumber and I don't have any coupons for water heaters.
She went on to say. After an exhaustive explanation of the ordering and installation process for a new water heater she says, "How do you feel about a visitor?"
Then it hit me.

This was the Lamest Excuse for a babysitting request that I had ever heard. I told her that I should disconnect the call on principle.
Hell no, I didn't believe that she had a busted water heater until she told me that they had the installation scheduled for Friday. Which meant that they currently have hot water but not on Friday and she needed me to watch Trey on Friday.
I laughed at her.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Then I said yes.

I am a sucker at heart.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

so, no sleep for you then? oh well, on with the FO's!

I love peonies and am struggling to get them to flower in my garden. Maybe it's a shortage of ants (it couldn't be a shortage of sunshine, not in Scotland....)

Terri said...

About the geisha, two words, draw string?

I too love peonies and have a pink and cherry.

You are to funny and clever 'bout babysitting excuses!

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